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Mar 20, 2008 09:17 AM

Need Rec's for 8 by collegse in Providence, good food, reasonable prices


My nephew is coming into town tomorrow to check out Brown and Providence colleges.

I'm looking for a restaurant that can accomodate 8, includes 2 teens, 2 kids, that has good food at a reasonable prices.

Doesn't need to be super kid friendly as the kids are pretty mellow.

Was thinking of doing the Hill, but would rather stay closer to Brown to give my nephew a better college feel.


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  1. Paragon would probably fit your bill. Wide variety of good, reasonably priced dishes. Right on Thayer St.

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    1. re: Jenkins

      I second Paragon----but Blaze on Thayer might also be good.

      If you're willing to be near Brown but not right on top of the campus, you can go just a bit further to Wayland Square and hit Red Stripe. Also great food in a pretty busy, loud environment----I'd take kids there, or to any of these places.

      1. re: Moonpie1

        I second Red Stripe. I would not, however, recommend Paragon. I've been dissapointed countless times there. I no longer go back.

    2. A second for Blaze, for a quick lunch on the run there is Spikes which is a fun "Gourmet" Hot Dog place on Thayer followed up by Ben and Jerry's!

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      1. re: Eggy

        Not to complicate things but I have not had much luck at the Blaze on Thayer. Well, I should say the original Blaze a mile or so up on Hope is much better anyway. But maybe they have worked out the kinks at Blaze2 by now.

      2. I know it's been there a long time, but I still like the Rue de l"Espoir on Hope Street. The atmosphere is low-key and comfortable, the food is bistro-y and moderately priced. Good salads, popovers for breakfast. Great bread. Sometimes the service is less than I would prefer, but a lot of Brown folks go there. Then there is Pizzico higher up on Hope near Rochambeau. I haven't been there myself in a while, but it was always reliable for Italian. Do they like Indian food? India up there is good also.

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        1. re: riexplorer

          I've been hearing a lot of ads on the radio for Rue de l'Espoir for prix-fix dinners if you have a college ID, so they're definitely marketing themselves to the university crowd. I've never been there personally but have only heard great things.

          1. re: dagwood

            Goodness, forgot about them. I haven't been in recent years to comment on the current status, but I loved the Rue and went there very frequently in college (heh) and well beyond. I really liked everything about the place.

            Was going to suggest Pizzico, too, but thought you wanted to stay right close to one of the campuses.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Paragon is good and so is Rue but consider too Kabob and Curry. It's diagonally across from the Brown Bookstore. The food is great and you can watch the whole Thayer St scene while you eat.

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            1. re: RI Swampyankee

              Totally agree on Kabab and Curry, but I sadly and absolutely cannot recommend Paragon. I've been three times now and had some of the worst meals I've had in the metro. Low ambition, fuzzy focus, poor execution. And overpriced to boot with indifferent service bordering on offensive. My third time was my last.

              - Garris

              1. re: Garris

                That's too bad about Paragon. I had heard a few trashy rumors about staff drama but I figured that they were just that, rumors.

                1. re: RI Swampyankee

                  It is too bad, since they're almost all there is in the way of sit-down dining on Thayer. It really feels like the place is just mailing it in. Spats nearby is similarly mediocre, but at least they, unlike Paragon, have no pretense of aiming higher.

                  I actually do miss Adesso near Thayer as, dated as the decor and menu were, at least their food was consistently solid and a decent value.

                  - Garris