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Mar 20, 2008 09:06 AM

Sushi in Midtown

Hello everyone,
We are in midtown and looking for a mid priced yummy sushi restaurant in the 40's - 50's between 3rd ave and 6th ave. There are so many!

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


PS this is my first post, yeah!

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  1. For lunch or dinner? I gather there is a $25 prix fixe at Yasuda that is a great lunch deal.

    1. Sorry, for dinner, tonight. We were thinking Sushi Time or Seo, its just too far east.

      1. Sushi Damo is our favorite dinner joint.

        Sushi Damo
        330 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019

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        1. re: holland_oats

          Out of curiosity, what do you usually order at Sushi Damo? Because I ate there the other night, and I was *really* disappointed. I got the sushi/sashimi combo and my friend got the spicy maki combo. I also (based on the waiter's reccomendation) ordered the spicy yellowtail sashimi and a monkey roll for an appeteizer. I was kind of perturbed because the $29 sushi/sashimi combo came with a California Roll, and I thought the sushi pieces were offensively tiny. Plus, I thought the quality of the fish, although pretty good, was rather mediocre for the price. The tuna, in particular, was very much sub-par, I thought.

          Maybe I just ordered wrong?

          1. re: tarantula142

            Anyone been to Sushiden? It is too pricey?

            1. re: lildiss73

              it's priced on the high side...their sushi/sashimi combinations are in the 30-35 dollar range, so by the time you add in an appetizer and/or sake, it'll add up. it is very very good, however.

            2. re: tarantula142

              we usually get shumai & a couple rolls (monkey, dragon, salmon family...)

          2. Hi lildiss73,

            Welcome to the board! For mid-priced sushi, you can try Hatsuhana. While omakase can be expensive, they offer some reasonably priced sushi set and the quality is quite good. They have 2 locations in Midtown.


            1. Welcome - besides Hatsuhana and Sushiden, don't go to any of the other places mentioned.

              Yasuda can in fact be affordable, it's just a matter of ordering. For instance, their $34 Sushi matsu gets you 12 pieces and 2 rolls.