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Mar 20, 2008 08:50 AM

Authentic Cantonese in Baltimore?

I was looking specifically a dish like cantonese chow mein (thin pan fried egg noodles).

I found the dish at Grace's Fortune in Bowie, but that is a bit of a drive and pricey ($18 or so)

Some of the chinese restaurants in downtown baltimore...have something on the menu called "cantonese chow mein" but it is not the same dish.

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  1. If you want authentic Cantonese...I suggest the Golden Dragon on Liberty RD in Randallstown ( about a mile north of the beltway) Has been there for over 40 years...STILL the only place in town that makes a decent egg roll

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      I would call the Golden Dragon authentically Chinese-American. While their chicken chow mein and wonton soup are on the top of my list of all time best comfort foods, it doesn't appear to be what the poster is looking for It's more like a really, really good version of La Choy Chow Mein that people bought in a can in the 1970s!

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        How about Sonny Lee's in Reisterstown or Szechuan House in Lutherville? And while we're on the subject can somone enlighten me as to the actual differences between Cantonese, Mandarin & Szechuan without writing a thesis? I know they represent different parts of China and Szechuan is traditionally more spicy. Thanks!!!!

    2. I happened to go to Asian Market at Cantosville, it is about 20 min ride from Baltimore city, and it has the most amazing and authentic cantonese food there. It is a small restaurant inside the market that sells lunchbox, and it has duck, pig and all sorts of Cantonese food for very cheap price (6 dollars per lunchbox). Highly recommend. The location of the restaurant can be found at: