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Mar 20, 2008 08:47 AM

Any good places to eat near the Disney Wilderness Lodge?

We don't have a car so don't want to break the bank with by taking a taxi too far. But also don't want to eat Disney food the whole time if there is something worth traveling to nearby. Doesn't have to be fancy. Just good, fresh food that we would not necessarily get in NY. OR the rec could be for somewhere near the Magic Kingdom and we could just go from there sted of the hotel


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  1. Is the Wilderness Lodge the hotel with the restaurant where all of the waiters scream at you and make a big fuss if someone asks for ketchup? I'd pay for the taxi.

    1. Downtown Disney had some good stuff. We enjoyed Wolfgang Puck's Cafe (but you can probably get that in NY) and the Earl of Sandwich (a really good sandwich - but then again you can probably get in NY). There's Fulton Crab house, but I haven't been. I guess what I'm getting at is Downtown Disney has some good choices (imo) and free transportation. Didn't care for the breakfast at Wilderness Lodge (but the counter service place wasn't half bad). Also, don't forget that Epcot has a bunch of different restaurants that don't serve typical Disney food.

      1. A lot of people love the huge downstairs Buffet restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Don't let the "buffet" part throw you off - there's some darn good stuff here. Family friendly of course, and before or after dinner you can wander around behind the lodge and check out the animals roaming around including giraffes etc... I'd definitely recommend this as an option to put high on your list. (I'm not sure if this qualifies as "Disney food").

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          From Disney AKL webite about Boma: "Bask in the warmth of this expansive and inviting family buffet which resembles an African marketplace. Experience open kitchens and watch the creative culinary team prepare salads, vegetarian dishes, grilled seafood and roasted meats — inspired by the varied flavors of over 50 African countries from the coast of the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Capture the magic of the alluring tapestry of tastes and textures that make up the flavors of Africa. "

          It is pretty cool, I must say. I know a lot of Disney stuff is touristy and phony but even knowing that I always have a good time here.

        2. I highly recommend the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner. Their restaurants feature african flavors. The buffet, Boma, is really good! Also, their more upscale place, Jiko, is really amazing.

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            Relying on Disney transport to get from WL to AKL would be a pain, there is no direct bus from resort to resort, you would have to go to an attraction & change buses. Artist point at WL is one of our favorites & Narcooses @ Grand Floridian is good also. Raglan Road @ Down Town Disney is good. Do not waste your time or money on Fulton's. Upstairs in the finer dining sectionat Pucks has been consistant.

          2. As an ex-NYer now living in FL, the only type of food down here that you don't often see back there is bar-b-q.

            If you're staying within Disney property, any cab ride that takes you off WDW property is going to be expensive. As others have mentioned, Downtown Disney has a lot of options. I can second the Earl of Sandwich & add Raglan Road Pub to the list. Eating here would allow you to use the WDW's free bus service.

            You might want to check the websites below for other Disney restaurant options...