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Mar 20, 2008 08:47 AM

Toscana Kitchen- anyone been recently?

My husband and I are looking to go to dinner this Saturday night as a "last date before having our first child on Monday" celebration. He's not a very adventurous eater, so places like Domaine Hudson are out, and I'd like to keep the tab around $100 for the both of us for a full dinner, cocktail for him, and tip. I'd also like a place with decent sized portions, as DH tends to equate value with plate size.

I like the looks of Toscana's menu, which has things we would both enjoy, but haven't heard of any recent reviews. Has anyone been recently? Also, are the tables close together or is it a more comfortable atmosphere? I'm very pregnant and don't want to be too cramped.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Other options were Eclipse Bistro, Brandywine Prime, or Harry's Seafood. Places we've been to and enjoyed are Washington St Ale House, Union City Grill, Blue Parrot, Moro. We've also had dessert at Pomodoro and loved it (best tiramisu ever), but I thought it might be a little out of our price range.

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      Sorry! I'm looking for Wilmington, DE.

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        sorry, jessicheese....not my neck of the woods!!!

        Good luck!!

    2. I went around Christmas, and really enjoyed it. I would pick their pizza with fig, pancetta, and honey as one of my favorite things ever! There are some tables in the middle of the room that could be cramped, but there are also booths and perimeter tables that could work - I'd mention it when you make a reservation.
      It would probably fit in your price range very well, and have portions to keep your DH happy.

      I've also enjoyed Harry's Seafood Grill and Eclipse Bistro. Harry's can get a little noisy - good food, but maybe not as romantic a mood. Eclipse is very yummy, but I think I remember their menu as being a little on the "different" side.

      Congratulations on the soon-to-arrive addition!

      1. I was last at Toscana in December and liked it very much. Portions are not crazy massive, but they're generous, and I think you could certainly get in well under $100 for two, especially without wine. Tables are generally well-spaced, but some are a bit tighter, so tell them you need a bit more room and I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige. Also parking is very easy since that may be a consideration for you in your current state- they have a small lot in front. The tortellini is great!