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Mar 20, 2008 08:09 AM

What's the furthest you've travelled - just for a meal

Chowhound's FAQ section describes a Hound as someone who "won't hesitate to go far, far out of their way for even slightly better. "

Is it true? How far have you travelled for the SOLE purpose of having a meal?

I'm not talking here about mini-trips and long weekends where you go somewhere nice and have some good meals while you're there. And I'm not talking about making a business trip and eating on your employer

I'm talking about going somewhere just to eat at a particular restaurant at your own expense; eating; perhaps staying overnight if it's a distance.

Mine's a flight Manchester to Amsterdam to eat a rijstaffel at Tempo Doeloe. Flew one day, ate in the evening; flew back next day. Great meal. 90 minute flight - not sure of actual distance, but I claim extra points for needing to have a passport :-)

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  1. San Antonio to Zihuatenejo to eat 100 oysters. Houston to Belize for lobsters on 2nd st.on Ambergris Cay. Denver to Orange County to smoke cigars during the parade of boats. Denver to Las Vegas to gorge on stone crabs at the Frontier, in days past.

    1. We regularly(2-3 times a month) make the 150+ mile round trip drive into Chicago simply to eat.

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        Just curious about what you seek out in Chicago after that long drive? Oh, and do you come from Iowa? Wisconsin? Indiana? Missouri?

        1. re: chicgail

          We live out by Starved Rock, 75 miles southwest of the Chicago. We work in the burbs, but commute out to the country daily.

          Most recent visits/trips for food have been:

          Coalfire for pizza
          San Soo Gap San for Korean BBQ
          Smoque for bbq
          Honey 1 for bbq
          Sun Wah bbq for Chinese bbq
          Semiramis for Middle eastern food
          Joes Seafood, Prime Steaks, and Stone Crabs for steak and crab(just this past Saturday for dinner)

          Saloon Steakhouse for steak
          Bob Chinns(wheeling) for crabs

      2. I'm reminded of this classic post about the 5,000 mile hamburger:

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          That was one of hte most insanely relishing thread I've ever read. Thanx for resurecting it. I love Joe H.'s essays.

          1. re: Gio

            Nice story, but in my view, it doesn't count. he went to LA for a business meeting and the In and Out Burger was an afterthought. True, the meeting was cancelled, but he didn't set out for California just to go get a burger.

            1. re: myclawyer

              Well - it's still a long way to Tipp-ae-rary.....

              1. re: Gio

                Actually 310 driving miles from where I am now.

        2. I had to go to Google Maps to find the distance from Palo Alto to Occidental, both in northern CA, which turns out to be 99.5 miles. I therefore made three 200-mile round trips (give or take a few, depending on starting points) during the years 1969 to 1974 just to eat at the Union Hotel. This place, which had not really been a hotel for a long time, served family-style, Italian-style prix fixe dinners, with soup and salad, antipasti, a pasta course, main course and dessert. For your main course you could specify chicken, duck or steak, the cost of the meal being $5, $7 or $10 respectively. I always got the duck. This was half of a good-sized duckling, braised in their signature ragĂș and too much rosemary, and it was wonderful. Last time I looked online this place is still going, though the meal prices have gone up a bit!

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            And worth the drive, when gas was 55 cents per gallon.

            1. re: Veggo

              ...and I was driving a 35+ mpg car! However, I do still make occasional 60 to 80-mile round trips here in the LA area essentially for a meal, though I try to group other activities in there to give the impression (to myself or others) that the meal in question was something I just happened to arrive in time for...

          2. Hiroshima to Fukuoka for Hakata ramen, returning to our hotel in Maibara that night. About 1000km (600 miles) and near 5 hours total on the shinkansen.