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Mar 20, 2008 08:08 AM

Chui's Sushi (Baltimore) - NOT going back!

Last night after a very late night in the OR I had to run by Whole Foods (out of espresso pods - clearly the start of a bad day) so I decided to treat myself to some take out sushi. I stopped by Chui's - which is my go to place for rolls. In fact, I go there quite often, usually bringing friends, and it's not like it's a cheap outing either. I ordered 2 rolls I've had before and coughed up $23. After running a few more errands I finally got home, quite famished, only to find that my sushi rolls looked like they were not my rolls - one had crab stick in it, and was not a full roll. Now I've had a lot of sushi from Chui's before and have never gotten crabstix (and would never order a roll that had crabstix in it because I think it's gross). My first thought was that they had given me someone else's leftovers. Yuck. So now it's almost 10pm, I'm starving and out $23, grr. So I call them and say, hey could you either credit me the money or could I bring the rolls back and get my order. The lady said no she couldn't just credit my order because the manager wasn't there, and she couldn't give me new sushi because no one was there to make rolls. And besides she was sure she'd given the right rolls, so I should just eat them. Now, I don't know about you but the idea of eating what might be someone else's leftover raw fish just isn't appietizing to me. When I said I was not happy with this option she said that the only way she would credit me was if I brought the rolls back to her. When I informed her that I was in my pajamas she said "well you can just put on a coat". Now I was not pleased and not really excitted about having shelled out a fair amount of money and not getting any dinner out of it, so I threw on my coat and drove over there (a 5 min drive). When I got there she (and the manager/owner - who, in fact, was there) proceded to tell me that I was wrong - they always put crab stix in their rolls when it says crab on the menu (which would be disappointing if it were true, but I've never noticed this before) so clearly I had the right rolls and it was my fault for "messing up" the rolls because they were jumbled from being in a take out container. No refund, no new rolls, nothing, just being berrated for messing up their rolls and having the audacity to expect that I would get what I ordered. Grrr. Let me just say I will NOT be going back.
So, to try to be constructive about it - any suggestions on where I should make my go to place now? I like fresh fish and creative (yeah I know they are non-tradiational) rolls, and would perfer it to be close to Patterson Park.

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  1. Wow!
    I think Asahi in Fells Point has good sushi.

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    1. re: hon

      Agreed... Asahi I think has good fish and is cheaper than most other places...

      I'm a fan of keeping sushi simple and authentic. As much as I like Sushi Hana every now and then for their specialty rolls, I still enjoy great fresh sashimi. Asahi does that very well. I'm also fond of some of the korean stuff there (being Korean) including the Hwe Dup Bab (think Korean version of chirashi with spicy sauce)

    2. This place should be closed down. I have had lunch there twice, not only is it a rip - off, the sushi was warm both times. This type of service has no place in Baltimore. I work right across the street and actually find the sushi at Whole Foods quite fresh during the day.

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        Sushi should be room temperature when served, warmed by the chef's hands.

      2. I got take out for lunch there on Tuesday & it was pretty awful. I asked for no roe on one roll, and it was on there, and the other was just not good at all.
        For $20, it was a disappointment. I enjoy Matsuri for takeout or eat-in, and should have stuck with them.

        1. EEK! I was supposed to go there tomorrow. I am glad I checked this out. I usually go to Minato or XS in Mt. Vernon and was looking to change it up. Back to old faithful I go.

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            Dos anyone have the link to a thread on a similar carryout mistake at Chiu's last fall with virtually the same managment reaction? It was on here or the Sun but I can't find it.