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Mar 20, 2008 07:50 AM

Bostonians looking for chow near Golden Gate Park

A group of travelers(age from 6 month to 55 years old) is looking for some good local spots near Japanese Tea Garden/Conservatory of Flowers for lunch/dinner. Nothing too fancy but no tourisy spots please!!!

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  1. If you end up at the Tea Garden the best bet is to walk south to the many affordable local spots in the 9th & Irving area. Park Chow is a chowhound favorite for American food, but there are many reasonable ethnic options, too, so you might want to be more specific in what you'd like to find.

    Conservatory of Floweres is more of a hike to 9th & Irving, but closer to some Haight Street and Geary Bouldvard options.

    1. Wunder Brew is a brewery but is very family-friendly, especially at lunch. Chow is often the place that get's recommended on the board. Here's a search of 9th Avenue in the Places database which has the exact addresses and info like websites for those two and other places that are on 9th Ave. If you want unique to SF there's Cafe Gratitude. Check the website and you'll see what I mean. Arizmendi Bakery is on that street. Too small to sit at with a group but nice to take some baked goods back to the hotel.

      Irving Street is a block up from Golden Gate park, definately local and not touristy and has lots of casual restaurants. Here's a search of the Places database for restaurants on Irving. The closer to the 800 addressess, the closer to the part of the park that links on 9th

      Darla's is a nothing fancy place that has a decent burger which comes with complemtary brownie. There's even a video game about Darla's.

      1. 9th and Irving has a couple really good options. Yummy Yummy on Irving @ 11th is very good vietnamese. Yumma's on Irving @ 10th is very good middle eastern (falafel/schwarma/kabobs) and they have a nice little patio outback to sit in the sun. Park Chow in my mind is quite overated.

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          I like Park Chow, but I think it's too pricey for what it is (not super special). But I like Darla's too, and agree their burger is yummy.

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            Marnee Thai is over there too. Their Panang Beef is so good and tender. My gosh, do they cook it in a crockpot? Great food and inexpensive.

            Marnee Thai Restaurant
            1243 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

        2. we're visiting from boston too. With much CH help, we had super burmese lunch today at Burma Superstar- clement st between 4th and 5th, 8 min. drive north from the tea garden. also exc in same block is troya- turkish food.