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Apr 26, 2002 07:03 PM

need input on Yang Chow and/or Hop Li

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anyone been to Yang Chow (Chinatown location) and/or Hop Li (on Pico btwn Sepulveda and Westwood)? comments and suggestions of best dishes would be appreciated.

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  1. Yang Chow is pretty good overall, and while I can't recall specific best dishes, I do know that they have terrific potstickers.

    1. Haven't been but I've repeatedly heard favorable comments on the slippery shrimp at Yang Chow. P.S. They aren't really slippery.

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        the "slippery" shrimp is deeeelishous!!! and they give you a huge portion too.

        1. re: coco puff

          What exactly is slippery shrimp? Is it just a fancy name for a traditional dish? Please describe.

          1. re: Can

            I don't think it is particularly traditonal. In fact I would not be surprised to learn it is one of those "only in an American Chintaown" kind of dishes. However, it is incredibly tasty. Medium-large shrimp flash fried in a translucent whisper of crust (rice flour?)finished with an orange sauce that balances sweet, sour, salt and garlic. It is absolutely addictive.

        2. re: mc michael

          Yeah, they're pretty good. Yang Chow used to be better than it is these days, but it's still pretty competent. Slippery shrimp is one of their best dishes. They also occasionally have a great dessert. I forget what it's called, but it's basically red bean cakes, or red bean in dough of some sort. They don't have it very often, thuogh, or at least they didn't a few years ago.

        3. My wife and I ate at Hop Li once, about a year ago. It was awful. Barely edible even. We ate maybe one third of our meal and left the rest in disgust.

          1. At Yang Chow, where I eat regularly, get slippery shrimp (if I said it's like sweet and sour shrimp, you wouldn't order it, but it really is the best comparison), spicy shredded chicken, pan sauteed green beans, and my personal favorite, and hard to find elsewhere, sauteed rice cakes, little disks of a gnocchi-like substance that I suppose is made with rice sauteed with spinach and pork.

            1. Yang Chow is, hands down, one of my favorite Los Angeles restaurants. I actually go to the one in the Valley - it's on Topanga Canyon Blvd., just south of Victory. Slippery shrimp is a great dish, but they also make a sauteed dried asparagus that's out of this world - it's usually one of their specials printed on the inside cover. Make sure to get their hot and sour soup, which is one of the best I've ever tried, and their whole fish with garlic sauce.