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Mar 20, 2008 05:28 AM

HELP me save my brisket!

I was in a hurry last night and stupidly neglected to read the entire recipe for a new brisket I was trying out.....and I made a crucial error. It's a 24-hour-cooking crockpot brisket, in which you cook the meat on low for 24 hours in a bit of strong, brewed coffee, then in the last hour, you add a combo of mustard, brown sugar, worstershire, etc. Like an idiot, I added all the sauce ingredients at the beginning, so when I checked the brisket this morning, after having cooked 12 hours, all the liquid had burned off and cooked away -- leaving me with a fully cooked, ever-so-slightly-charred-on-the-outside brisket surrounded by burnt, crusty former liquids. I tasted it, and it's OK, but now it'll need some kind of sauce, or SOMETHING, to salvage it. Any ideas would be immensely appreciated!

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  1. I would just try making the same sauce that's only supposed to be used for the last hour. If you think it will be too strong since it's already cooked in it for 24 hours, you could water it down a bit. If it works, please report back with the recipe. Sounds like a yummy and different take on brisket.

    1. When in need, there's always BBQ sauce. I would cool the brisket, trim off the burnt edges & fat, slice in advance. Reheat with a mixture made of BBQ sauce adding a little beef broth, coffee, perhaps a little Lea & Perrins, soy sauce, red wine to taste? Whatever you do, don't share with family or guests this has been burnt, they don't have to know and it won't taste like it.

      1. I'm not sure how to save it, but the first two suggestions both sound good.

        When you get done, please share the recipe details. It sounds great!