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Mar 20, 2008 12:16 AM

Lawton/Stillwater, OK

I read the post about the hamburgers at Meer's Store & Restaurant near Lawton, but that's the only info. on this board about either town. Can anyone enlighten me as to steakhouses or diners in those places?

Thank you.

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  1. The only places I ever ate in the Lawton area was at my barracks mess hall in the Quarry Hill area of Ft. Sill. I was dreading what kind of food that they served there after seeing re-runs of MASH. The chow was quite good. They had contract cooks, and I remember excellent cinnamon rolls and chicken. It has been 21 years since I've been in that area though.

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      I'm no help either. The only place i've eaten in Stillwater were the Eskimo Joe's and the Mexican themed Eskimo Joe's -- the name of which I don't recall. The food was okay enough, ... it was just one of those things you had to go do. If you like cheese fries, you won't complain.

      1. re: PayOrPlay

        Passed by Hideaway. If I ever return to Stillwater, I may try it. Thanks, all.