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Apr 25, 2002 09:55 PM


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Whats' a good Thai restaurant in Hollywood, someplace fun?

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  1. I think the best restaurant in the city is Chung Chim on Hollywood Blvd. just a few doors after Wilton on the south side of the street (in Hollywood). Be sure to order the beef salad (and a squid salad too if you are decadent), the panange curry, the satay (for it's presentation) and various other noodle dishes. Expect a mound of argentinian taffy to cover the bill when it comes to your table (and expect the sum to be miniscule) Also, note the old, crazy phone, the royal couple on the wall, the mini-fountain with lights, the running electronic news band on the wall next to saturn and, of course, the owner, who is always busy, but never TOO busy to call out at five minutes to 9 pm to everyone that might have parked in the no-parking zone on Hollywood Blvd by accident. And notice how genuinely mixed the clientel is. It's open from 6pm to 3am. Used to be 4am.

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    1. Basically, around 5100 Hollywood Blvd, you are in Thai Town. In close proximiy, you'll find Sanamalung (good noodles--south side of the street; also these little cocoanut desert "balls" sold on the parking lot), Palms Thai, Ruen Pair in the Thai Plaza and Kruang Tedd (all of the latter on the north side). Probably funnest are Palms Thai and Kruang Tedd--both have music in the evenings and alcohol. Kruang Tedd has the distinction of being next door to Jumbo's Clown Room and Palms has at various times the Thai Elvis.

      1. i hv to recommend Palm Thai for the entertainment value. i think the thai elvis (his name's kevin) is just awesome, so much fun. luckily, it works well as background music, so it's still easy to hv a meal and conversation w/ friends. i think the food's very good, too.

        i am just back from a mini vacation in thailand where the food was just amazing!! every single thing i ate (mostly fish -- all sorts, vegetables, noodles, fruit and some local candy) was incredible. but aside from the food, the "traditional thai massage", fully clothed, is the most awesome thing ever. i hv to find out if this is available in our local "thai town" -- does anyone know???

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          I just had a thai massage last week. It was amazing. The place I went is in Hollywood. It is called Noi and is at 4960 Hollywood Blvd. Cross street Kenmore. $35.00 for 2 hours. It's in a little minimall and looks like it might be a dump but don't be put off !! It's really clean and the girls who work there are great. Enjoy.

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            OK, $35 for 2 hours is just too good a deal to bypass, so I'll abandon all scruples, and ask:

            Is this one of those, ahem, sensuous massage parlors, or is it strictly legit above-the-belt stuff? In other words, can a gal show up and get a real massage? Or is the $35 deal a loss-leader type ploy?

            Hope this question isn't offensive...if so, apologies all around.

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              Sorry to interrupt, but please move this discussion to Not About Food, so we can keep the topics here chowcentric. Thanks.