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Mar 19, 2008 11:43 PM

SEA brunch: anyone doing anything unusual/distinctive?

Looking to get out of the ordinary in terms of brunch in Seattle.

Any restaurants doing anything unusual or distinctive?

Hoping to find places that do surprisingly different dishes, use unusual ingredients, or have some other wow factor.

Or, just anything scintillating!

Suggestions/ideas? Would love to learn about anything and everything - thanks!

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  1. Donde, Maximillien's at the Market offers "old school" French in their off-the-menu brunch. The Dim Sum at the Imperial Garden (Kent) offers an excellent array of intriguing dishes. Kingfish Cafe is almost a religious experience without the fear of dogma affecting your day. All three are Chow-worthy brunch destinations.

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      Smith on Capitol Hill does some unusual things funnel cake, Scotch Eggs and other interesting offerings. They also have a great Bloody Mary.

      The only problem with the place is service can be SLOW the last time I was there I waited over an hour for my funnel cake and finished 2 of the aforementioned bloody Marys before my food arrived. They have a new chef so hopefully some of those issues will be worked out.

      1. for 'classic' buffet either 67 at Edgewater or Saltys

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          haven't tried it for brunch yet, but veil seems interesting.

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            oh, and Lola's does things like grilled octopus and chickpeas with a poached egg. delish!