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Mar 19, 2008 10:54 PM

2 days in DC: Best Vegeterian????

I have a few ground rules.

1. I have no car.
2. I am staying near Layfette Park.
3. I don't want to spend a lot of money.
4. I want to get a taste of real Washington DC.
5. No chain restaurants, I don't care how much you like them.


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    1. I'd suggest you try one of the excellent Ethiopian restaurants near the U. St. Metro station such as Etete or Queen Makeda.

      1. Rasika is so good! Think upscale Indian, but a totally new spin. Excellent and plentiful vegetarian dishes to choose from, and close to the metro. You can do the chef's vegeratian tasting menu for $36.

        The above suggestion of Ethiopian is great. My favorite place is Dukem, also accessible from the U Street Metro station.

        1. Java Green on 19th between K&L (deli place that's all veggie/vegan)

          Raku in Dupont (Asian)

          Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park

          Indique in Cleveland Park (Indian)

          They're all my favorite reasonable places (all on the red line)

          1. juice joint...nom nom

            there's also the vegetarian restaurant, vegetate, that might be good. not sure if that's your price range however.

            Also, I've heard the Raku in Bethesda is considerably better than the one in Dupont, but I've only eaten at Dupont and thought the best part was sitting outside:)

            Thai: Rice is lovely (14th Street), IMO.