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Mar 19, 2008 10:40 PM

Buying hanger or skirt steak in mtl.

Where can I find either of these 2 cuts in Montreal? Do they sell any at the Atwater market butchers? I've been there but don't think I've seen any.

thx in advance.

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  1. try Slovenia Boucherie Charcuterie, 3653 St Laurent - (514) 842-3558, they almost always have it, and usually call it 'onglet'

    as a bonus, they always have dried Quebec mushrooms at a good price

    1. For a South American take on it, you can get it at Boucherie St Viateur at 88, rue Beaubien Est--they usually call it a word that I'm guessing is a spanish variation on 'diagragm', and it'll come in a larger piece with the silver skin still on

      if you go here, try their sausages (I like the Brazilian-style ones), and get some Chimichurri sauce to go with them

      1. It is easily available at the Atwater market but you usually have to ask since it is generally kept hidden in the back fridge. Try Boucherie des Tors, Claude et Henri, or Adelard Belanger.

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          When I firt moved to Montreal last June, I was craving skirt steak and asked Yves at Tours, Claude&Henri and a couple of others and they all tried to steer me to their marinated bavette. I had to stay in Boston for an extended time after thanksgiving due to a family illness. While there, I grilled lots! Now that I'm back, I may have to be more persistent, and try asking for onglet....that might help. Thanks for the info and I'm happy to be back.

        2. You can probably ask for "onglet", as skinner mentioned, at any decent butcher close to you. I go to Alim-Pot, just off St. Laurent on Roy, and they always have it.