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Mar 19, 2008 10:29 PM

Dan Barber's Pork Belly - 20 or 7hrs?

Hey Folks!

I'm trying Dan Barber's Pork Belly that I originally watched on Chef's Story - In the show and in the recipe it says 200 degrees for 20 hours! I've also come up on a few other recipes of "Dan Barber's Pork Belly" on other sites and it says 7 hours - I don't have a problem with the 20 hours of cooking...I'm actually excited to say that it took that long - I'd like to hear the opinions of the folks here at Chow who have helped me in the past

The recipe from Chef's Story -

The recipe from Epicurious -


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  1. Strangely enough i just mentioned my attempts at slow roasting pork belly in another thread!

    I have had some absolutely divine pork SHOULDER roasted for nigh on 20 hours, but my pork belly was absolutely melty with cracklin' on the outside after only about 5 hours at 225 (my oven just can't get much lower).
    I imagine Belly cooked that long might actually be well into the chicharone stage!