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Mar 19, 2008 08:14 PM

Girl's Night Out with a catch

Ok, not a catch just a challenge? We are adventuresome eaters, liking to try new places when we go out for dinner once a month. We always check here at Chowhound for our place to go. We usually would go somewhere in the Eastside, but Seattle is ok too. The challenge is that we now have someone who keeps Kosher. As the rest of us don't, we wanted be sure we pick a place that our friend can enjoy also. We don't think she is extremely strict about it, but we are unsure of places to choose from. Anyone with ANY advice, please help us.
I know that some of you are thinking "why don't they just ask their friend?" Well, we don't because it usually falls on one of us to choose the place to go, she always just says, for us to choose.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. If there are vegetarian choices on the menu your friend should not have a problem anywhere.

    1. i have solved an identical problem thusly - choose a vegan venue (vegie bistro at 6th/king is a big fave) and it will, ipso facto, be strictly kosher without thinking about it. the danger with vegetarian is that some cheeses are outside the kosher canon and the strictest observers (but surely you would know if your friend were thus) must avoid even the plates and silverware that have touched them.

      1. I haven't been in many years, but Bamboo Garden, a Chinese vegetarian place near the north side of the Seattle Center was certified kosher. We used to see many orthodox Jewish people happily munching on sweet 'n' sour pork (really some sort of gluten product). If you go, don't order the fish--stick with the "chicken" or "pork" dishes. Perhaps you should call first and make sure their kosher certification is still good.

        I agree with the other poster that just having vegetarian choices on the menu is insufficient.

        1. For the future, a kosher pizza place will be opening in Seward Park in a few months. Keep an eye out!