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Mar 19, 2008 07:23 PM

Amadeus Manor -- Milwaukie, OR

Hello all,

Has anyone tried or know anything about Amadeus Manor in Milwaukie? Many years ago it was the Fernwood Inn, a fine restaurant in a great setting -- an old, converted four-story chateau-esque house overlooking the Willamette river, with a view northwards up the river towards Portland. Does anyone else remember the Fernwood Inn? Apparently the reincarnated restaurant is run by the owners of Amadeus in Lake Oswego. Anyone know anything about this Oswego joint as well?

Did a search for Amadeus here on the NW board, but only found posts
regarding Amadeus Cafe on Skyline Drive.

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  1. Oh, I remember seeing that place when I walked the dog to the river! I never tried it. I always wondered about it, too! Wish I had info for you.

    Ahh, Milwaukie, home of Super Burrito Express, temple, palace and capital city of all that is right with the world. If you don't think too hard about what's in your chorizo. How my boyfriend and I miss that place!!!