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Mar 19, 2008 07:06 PM

Perbacco or Bix?

Heading to The City for dinner again. I currently have reservations at Perbacco but am now thinking about Bix too (Absinthe was another that crossed my mind). Couldn't find any recent reviews on Perbacco. Also, lately I've been seeing many recs for Bix on the board when asked for "scene" atmosphere with great food. Is one more expensive than the other? I appreciate your help, thanks.

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  1. The only thing I can help you with here are the prices. Here are the links to the Place records which have the websites with menus.



    1. I had lunch at Perbacco today, the third time I have been there over the past 2 years. The food there is very, very good. Perbacco is a large, bustling place and the noise level is high, at least at lunch. I probably would not recommend it if you are looking for a quiet, intimate spot.

      I have never been to Bix.

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        I'm surprised you would describe Perbacco as quiet. I have found it far from quiet and in fact, think it is one of the noisiest restaurants I have been to. But, the food *is* very, very good. As is Bix.

        I am a big Bix fan and will take it over Perbacco for atmosphere any day of the week. I adore Bix for its Sidecars, tableside tartare, and attention to detail. Sometimes I dress up just to go to Bix late night for appetizers. But I tend to go to Perbacco for lunch only as the atmosphere is not as conducive for romance and whatnot.

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          Please re-read my post!!! I did NOT describe it as quiet!!!

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            On my recent first trip to Perbacco the two of us sat at a corner table and were adjacent to eachother. At least in that scenario the noise level was ok and the romance was present :-) This was at 8:00 on a Saturday.

            That said, I thought the food was good but not enough so to draw me back before trying other options (Bix included!)

        2. Definitely Perbacco, awesome place with great energy

          1. Thank you for all your responses. My main concern was that the food at Perbacco is still good; therefore, I will keep my reservation. Will definitely keep Bix in mind for future reference (went here loooong time ago & was only reminded of it after seeing it on CH). I really don't see much write up about it anymore.

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              Perbacco does a great job with their braised and stewed meats & meat sauces. I had the ravioli stuffed with braised ox-tail in a brown gravy that was excellent.

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                Thanks DavidT, will keep that in mind!

                1. re: ceekskat

                  Perbacco's food is head and shoulders over Bix (with the exception of the tartare) in my opinion. Bix is a nicer atmosphere though, I wish the food was more consistently awesome.