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Mar 19, 2008 06:59 PM

Philly Film Fest: Food/Drinks After

Making our film fest visit to Philly, and need help with figuring out a place to get a drink then some food (can be different places).
Seeing "The Deal" with some friends on a Sunday at noon, and at abt 2, need suggestions near the Ritz East on 2nd and Front.
Hook me up!
My stomach thx you!

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  1. awesome! i'm volunteering at the festival this year, and i'll actually be ushering at your showing of the deal on sunday the 6th. i'll probably have a nametag to some effect - my real name's brynn.

    you will be literally right next door to my film fest staple - the pagoda noodle house, most underrated asian in the city! indonesian tofu soup / singapore noodles / fried bananas - you can't go wrong. they do have a bar too, fully stocked and has some asian beer choices as well.

    i also like drinking at the society hill hotel nearby at 3rd and chestnut.

    though since we're talking film fest - it is worth a mention that the ritz has THE best popcorn in the city hands-down. ;)

    1. now that i think about it, it might be an interesting discussion to list recommendations for visitors nearby all the philly film fest locations - it's scattered around the city. the venues are:
      prince music theatre - broad + chestnut
      ritz east - sansom walkway between front and 2nd
      ritz five - walnut between 2nd and 3rd
      the bridge - 40th + walnut
      international house - 37th + chestnut
      bryn mawr film institute - lancaster ave (rt 30) in bryn mawr

      if i had to list my fave places near each, they'd be:
      prince music theatre - estia (fish, seafood, way upscale), tria (wine beer cheese small plates)
      ritz east - pagoda noodle house, society hill hotel, amada (spanish tapas)
      ritz five - same, or possibly mama's (felafel) a few quick blocks south, on south st at 6th
      the bridge - i'm thinking dahlak, just had a lovely meal there (eritrean). and hey if you get a chance try out dock street brewery for me! seems they're always closed when i wanna go.
      international house - if dahlak's too far a walk at over 10 blocks, i'm going to have to say i dunno - not too familiar with this part of town. white dog maybe? they're OK.
      bryn mawr film institute - lancaster ave (rt 30) in bryn mawr - thai pepper or carmine's creole (though no recent reports - are they still yummy?!)

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        Thx rabidog (Brynn!) I've read your great posts on many occasions and appreciate your insight. I'll be on the lookout for you on that Sunday! I'm Hilary...See you there!

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          Bryn Mawr Film Instsitute is lucky to have Mediterranean Grill within walking distance of 2 blocks.
          Best ever.

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            thank you for the kind words!

            just got back from a movie at the ritz (funny games... not all that funny... or good...) and had dinner beforehand at pagoda noodle CAFE (i keep calling it 'house' so i made a note to correct that!)... good as ever! i got a bean curd skin roll, whose description i didn't read very well and i just expected it to be something sushi like (it was on the specials menu; i didn't think they did sushi!) and it was actually more like a huge fried eggroll - exactly like the buddha delight roll at lee how fook if anyone's had it. very tasty! also got my usual staple, the indonesian tofu soup. my goodness that stuff is addictive. salty broth (i get vegetarian broth) with tofu, bean sprouts, peppers, green beans, crispy fried squares of some sort of carb-y substance, and a big old fried egg dropped right in the middle. it is so good. i add white pepper and spicy oil from the sauce caddy.

            la famiglia is good but should be noted it's a fancy place - if you're going to go, don't do it in jeans! i'd also eat there after your film and not before - hard to tell how long a meal will take there and courses are well-spaced and leisurely.

        2. We love La Famiglia on Front Street right off Market - it's very convenient for the Ritz East and not too bad for the Ritz 5. We'll also probably hit Fork (Market and 3rd) during the Fest. Positano Coast is very convenient for the Ritz 5. Zento for sushi on Chestnut off 2nd.

          We like Roy's (15th & Samson) when we go to the Prince.I have mobility problems and Roy's is very convenient. We don't go to the Bridge or I House very often.

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            We go to La Famiglia for lunch, usually. Can do lunch in an hour and a half, or less. Our rule for the film festival is that we eat either lunch or dinner, and a good lunch not too early will carry us for the day. Maybe a snack after the last film -- and we don't go to 9 PM films. We see our last film about 7-7:30 and then go home.