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Mar 19, 2008 06:44 PM


So wife and I got babysitting reprieve for Thursday night. Its been a while since we've been out to dinner. Looking for something in the West Village or Tribeca that's new, good, and we can get into at around 7 on Thursday night without a resy- or where we might get a last minute resy for 7pm. Price not an object. Will eat at the bar if that's what it takes. Most important is quality and someplace relatively new. Hope the request isn't lame. Any recos appreciated.

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  1. Upstairs is great. It doesn't take reservations, so you're in the same position as everyone else. I've never waited more than 30-40 mins, even on a Saturday.

    1. Unfortunately I think most of the new places are hard to get into. I would recommend trying to go to Perilla. It's probably unlikely that you'll get a reservation at this point, but perhaps someone cancelled last minute - or you can always eat at the bar. If that doesn't work there are plenty of not new but tasty old standbys a couple blocks away on Cornelia Street (Po, Le Gigot, Pearl, etc.) that you could try walking in to as well. Or perhaps you could eat at the bar at Centro Vinoteca, which is also nearby.

      1. Cento Vini on Houston Street is quite good, and a last minute call there might not be a problem.