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Mar 19, 2008 06:35 PM

Wine Institute New Orleans (w.i.n.o.) question

I'm coming to New Orleans solo for a conference in a couple of weeks and thought it might be fun to start out my first night in town (of a 5 night stay) with a wine tasting event at w.i.n.o.

Has anyone done a tasting there? Any thoughts? What type of people attend these tastings? I'm more amateur than pro... Any alternate suggestions?


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  1. It's delightful and a good cross-section of folks -- and they won't treat you any differently regardless of your expertise or lack of it. Ask for Amanda, if she's working. Enjoy.

    1. Hi,

      I'm an out-of-towner who was lucky enough to be staying nearby, and wandered in unknowingly to learn more. Tasting selections are varied, some good, and the selection of wines for purchase are broad and thoughtful.