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Mar 19, 2008 06:12 PM

Brunch HELP! Bridal Party, So Bay, Beach cities, LA, Pasadena

Hello everyone,

I am in urgent need of some suggestions for some brunch places, preferably buffet, BUT it doesn't have to be. It's going to be for 13 women, for a bridal party, and I am hoping there's something w/ ideally either a nice garden, view, or area that can be more intimate, but I can definitely comprimise. =)

I've looked around and got a few great ideas, ex. Ritz = $75 and a few others. I'm worried that it may be too expensive for some of the pariticpants so I was hoping to find something under the $50 range.

Everyone's coming from different parts of LA county, some from Pasadena, couple from Redondo and a few from Irvine, so hopefully something in the south bay, westside or pasadena area would be great. Ambience is important since it is for a bridal party!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Here are some places we liked 4 yrs. ago . The Beach House restaurant- I think it's in Dana Point, Las Brisas restaurant 361 Cliff Dr. Laguna Beach, 949-497-5434 and of course, the Laguna Hotel.

    1. twin palms in pasadena. They do brunch buffets on sundays. Don't know if they do buffets on weekdays (I doubt it.) Food is decent for a buffet. made to order omelettes. carving station. assortment of breakfast and lunch entrees with a great dessert section. i think it was $20/head.

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      1. re: ecpark10

        I've been to twin palms once for dinner, it seemed pretty hectic there, any suggestions for somewhere that may have sectioned dining areas, outside? different rooms?

        1. re: angiex117

          I agree, not so much for Twin Palms! I would say the Raymond in Pasadena.

          1. re: claudiamcd

            While not a buffet, I highly second the Raymond. There always seems to be shower type events on the patio when I am there for brunch... Their baked goods trays at brunch are especially yummy.

      2. Maison Akira does a nice brunch Buffet on Sundays. It's in pasadena

        Inn of the Seventh Ray has a nice buffet brunch on Sundays, too, it's in Topanga Canyon. Very lovely!

        Then again, THIS sunday would be packed!

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        1. re: Diana

          haha diana, you beat me to it!

          yeah maison shmaison

            1. re: Diana

              akira was my answer too lol
              although there isn't really a view or anything, the inside of the restaurant is pretty intimate and the brunch is really good! not one that is huge but everything they put out is great IMO. it's $36 per person which i think is a pretty good deal.


              1. re: beautifuldiirt

                called and unforunately they can't accomodate us, but thank you for the great suggestion, i will definitely be trying it soon!

            2. Does it have to be a brunch? There's a really cute tea house in Sierra Madre, on Baldwin....can't think of the name right now, but it would be affordable.

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              1. re: jmulheim

                it doesn't need to be a brunch! :)

                1. re: jmulheim

                  The tea house in Sierra Madre is called Four Seasons. As for other tea rooms, there's Scarlet Tea Room and Tea Rose Garden (both in Pasadena).

                2. You could always try to get into the Huntington Garden buffet style tea. There would be others, but I imagine if you call ahead they'd arrange something nice. And then everyone could have a nice stroll around the gardens and get great photos!

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                  1. re: Diana

                    unfortunately i called and they have a max sit time of 1.5hr