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Mar 19, 2008 05:58 PM

Catering Help in Milwaukee

Fellow Milwaukee Foodies - or anyone who has attended a wedding/event in Milwaukee. I'm planning my wedding reception from out of state and not familiar with the area, so looking for thoughts/advice on caterers. My wedding is at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center - a beautiful woodsy outdoors area overlooking the Lake. I need to select a caterer from this list, so please any help would be great. I really want some good food - not the typical crappy wedding food.

Ellen Zilli's
A Special Event, Buck's-Kinn
Larrys Market
II Mito
Lee Johns
Pandl's Catering

Thanks so much!

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  1. I am familiar with most on your list through events or been to their restaurants. One of the most memorable was very swank wedding catered by Lee Johns. It was impressive both in the quality, selection of the food as well as the presentation and service. I have also been impressed by Buck's-Kinn, they catered a Christmas party.

    1. if money is no object, check out bartolotta's (

      also i would suggest NOT saz's... just a personal thing... last summer we had a huge texas bbq. my husband and dad built a large smoker in the backyard, large enough to roast a pig. then we realized we needed wood for it. :) i called local bbq places, to see if they could hook me up with their wood guys. when i called saz's, i asked if they smoked their meats on site, and the hostess proudly told me YES, we do! i said great! can you tell me where you get your wood from? and she says, what wood? i said, the wood you smoke your meats with. and she goes: oh no, we don't use wood, we use an oven. okey dokey then!

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        Thanks...I have heard great things about Bartolotta's, but we have to use one of the caterers on the list - that is a requirement in having the reception there.

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          oops sorry - should have read better!!!

      2. Not sure if you've already made your decision but we had Lee Johns and they were fabulous! Great food + helpful with any set-up you'd like their help with on the wedding day, which lets you kick back and enjoy.

        1. Hi jenny - i'm also looking for a caterer [not to mention a venue, photographer, etc..] so I would love to keep tabs on this post - to see suggestions from other people. I did hear the Zilli's have outstanding food - currently, they are my 1st choice. Let me know what you decide - if you hear from other sources.

          -another Jenni getting married

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            we used Ball 'N Biscuit catering. food was incredible, priced a bit less than Saz's. They don't push anything on you, They really work with you and are a small mom and pop type place. you can write them at ballnbiscuitcatering