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Mar 19, 2008 05:58 PM

Source for Pompano

I am looking for a good seafood market that stocks Pompano. I live in Baton Rouge and aside from Galatoire's outpost in the capital city I haven't seen it avaiable anywhere. I normally buy a couple of fish when we drive back from Destin but I hope the hounds can put me on the trail of something closer

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  1. Pompano is more often found in cooler weather (don't know why, I'll have to find out). I've seen it all winter at Hong Kong Market on Martin Behrman Hwy on the Westbank.

    1. Hong Kong is where I buy mine. You buy it whole, and either take it as is or have the guys in the back filet it. Asian Gourmet in Kenner used to have it every now and again, but I haven't seen it lately.

      At least in terms of fishing off the coast of FL, the pompano are said to "run" in October and can be caught on sand fleas.

      1. Ask the Parrain's guys where --or if--they get it. i know they have tried to do the classic LA stuff and they may have tried Pompano. Louisiana Seafood in BR exchange might have it. I'm pretty sure that Galatoire's Bistro gets Harlen Pierce to deliver theirs; I know he does in New Orleans.

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