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Mar 19, 2008 05:34 PM

Pinchana - what do you think?

We are planning to go to Pinchana in the Northeast soon to celebrate my parents anniversary. We are thinking of a late lunch/early dinner as we wqant to avoid noise/crowds and really enjoy ourselves. Any best time to go for the freshest food? Any tips/advice? Do we need reservations? Is the all you can eat option worth it? Would love your thoughts so we know exactly what to expect!

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  1. I assume you mean Picanha on Castor Ave...We go often around 5:30 on Saturday and there is no need for reservations. Weekends offer the greatest variety of meats. Get the all you can eat; that way you can all remain at the table together rather than making intermittent trips to the grill counter to fill your plate. I prefer my beef on the rare side and they are always happy to oblige. The bean dishes at the salad bar are excellent. English is spoken well by most of the staff.

    1. I personally prefer the crowded times..all the buzz..the locals and waitstaff speaking Portuguese..the grill at full tilt. Quite the fun spectacle. Last time I was there on a friay, it busy but not overly crowded at around 6pm, by 715 it was pretty busy.

      I recommend the all you can eat..'rodizio' i believe its called. Comes with the all you can eat salad bar..but you'll find it more extensive than just salad....think beans, rice, yucca, varied BRazilian dishes. the rodizio was $17.99 pp last time there it is worth it IMO.

      It is BYO, and the waitresses will mix up you Caphirina's (sp?) for you by the pitcher, if you bring the spirits.

      They do have a variety of fruit shakes...for lack of a better term...pineapple, mango, and such... very tasty.

      1. We love this place! We usually go around 6 with the kids. It's usually pretty empty at that hour, but definitely fills up later. I wouldn't go too early, because they probably have a much more limited variety of meats on the grill. My sense is the more people they have, the more different things they start cooking.

        Definitely get the rodizio (all you can eat). The table service is much more fun, and the price is really reasonable even if you aren't a really big eater. The buffet items are great. My best advice is pace yourself! It can be tempting to load up at the buffet and then say yes to every meat item that comes by the table. Everything comes back around, and you don't want to get full before something really great has come along. My favorite meat is the cut they call Picanha. I don't remember what it is, but to me it is the best of the beef cuts, especially if you ask for slices that are medium-rare. The sausages and bacon-wrapped chicken are also delicious.


        1. We were just there on Saturday nite, we got there at 7:30 and had reservations since it was a group of six. The place was not full at all and it was not noisey or hectic either.

          I would definately get the all you can eat, because otherwise you stand in line at a counter and wait to order food and get it weighed and then carry it to your table. With the all you can eat, they keep coming and coming with different spits of food and everything was very moist and flavorful. Chicken was great too.

          The buffet had some good things too. It was a strange mix of items, rice, beans, spicy shrimps, meats in sauce, beets, slaw salads, rolls, and chicken balls that were like chicken in mashed potatoes and deep fried. yum! And yes pace yourself, the buffet had some many unusual and usual things that it is easy to fill up a plate.

          I would highly reccomend bringing the brazilian rum ( $15.00 a bottle) and limes and have them make drinks for you. And plan on a lime per drink. The drinks were AWESOME! It is like a mojito without the mint and a little sweeter.

          It was $60.00 a couple with tip and that included 2 all you can eat, desserts and coffee. The desserts were good and not to rich and cheap. The coffee is strong and very good.

          The place is very modest and you do not need to dress up one bit, when I looked around there were alot of people in sweats and anything more than jeans you would be way too dressed up. The place is really old inside and not updated and the bathrooms are the original old styles and like I said, nothing fancy here, but a good time for the money.