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Any Hibachi Restaurants in Montgomery County?

I have been searching online for Japanese restaurants that have hibachi. I am looking for a restaurant anywhere in Montgomery county where we can sit and watch our meals being prepared right in front of us. There are 6 adults going there for a birthday dinner.

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  1. Ooka in Willow Grove has hibachi tables, remember to make a reservation because it gets crowded!

    1. Fuji in North Wales is reported to have Hibachi as well.

      1. There is a BYO Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar in Ardmore- on rt. 30 across from the Ardmore West Shopping Center. I believe it's called Kotatsu. I've only been once but thoroughly enjoyed it. Tasty/entertaining hibachi and good sushi.

        1. There is a place in Jenkintown actually called Hibachi. It is in the Pavilion shopping plaza right on Old York Rd. They put on quite a show, throw shimp in your mouth, etc. It's the only one of its type I've been to, so I can't compare, but it seems fine as far as food and is definitely fun. It gets really crowded, so you need a reservation.

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            We went to Hibachi in The Pavillion in Jenkintown last night and the food was good as well as the chef being entertaining. When I called ahead I was told they do not take reservations except for large groups. There was no wait at 7:30 on a Friday night.

          2. There is a hibachi restaurant in Norristown in the Northtowne shopping center. The center is on 202 south of Germantown Pike. The restaurant is called Oriental Pearl and is in the same strip of stores as the Old Country Buffet. Oriental Pearl has a liquor license. The owner is very nice. We usually eat sushi when we are there, but tried the Hibachi once and it was good. The have quite a few hibachi tables. We found the food to be better here (and the restaurant cleaner too) than Fuji in the Whole Foods shopping center in North Wales. Oriental Pearl is quite a bit bigger than Fuji.

            1. There is one in Souderton on Rt. 113 and County Line Rd. It is called Kira. We ordered take out and I enjoyed it.

              1. Oriental Pearl in Norristown is our favorite. we used to eat their hibachi all the time, now we've switched to sushi, to lose weight. :)

                1. There's Hibachi just south of King of Prussia, so depending on where in MontCo you're coming from, it might not be too far. It is on Swedesford Rd/252 and I think the name is actually "Hibachi" (I think it's a chain) We've been numerous times, and have been happy w/ every experience.
                  There is also Kobe Japanese Steak House, in King of Prussia, which is in the Hotel north of the mall, across from Tweeter (sorry, I think it used to be a Hilton, but I'm pretty sure it's changed names) This was always a great meal as well!

                  1. Apparently Oriental Pearl has new owners as of a few days ago (maybe last week?). We have not been by to check it out - only found out last night - will hopefully go tomorrow and report back. Has anyone been since it changed? My informant said everything was good, but she'd never been there before.

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                      Oriental Pearl is now called Ginza Hibachi. The same people are running it inside, same menu in a new format - well, not as many chinese-style dishes. They changed the name because they have new partners.

                    2. There's a Japanese restaurant in Royersford - in the Genuardi's shopping center just off 422. They have hibachi (teppanyaki) tables, sushi bar seating and regular restaurant seating as well as a room with a rice paper sliding door behind which has a low table and seating. The restaurant is Morimoto Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar, but I don't think any relation to the downtown Morimoto. We always go and sit on the sushi side but the hibachi side is always popular. Address is 70 Buckwalter Road, Royersford, PA phone (610) 792-8110

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                        It's actually called Moritomo -- just different enough to ensure they won't get sued by the Iron Chef, maybe? The food is quite good, and our kids love it.