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Mar 19, 2008 05:25 PM

Late night drinks during the week

I get out of work at 11, sometimes 1130 every week night. i usually am in the mood to go for drinks but theres nowhere to go on a monday tuesday or wednesday. I dont feel like going to the typical grk cafes or a irish bar type. any other lounges open late on weekday???

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  1. i forgot to clarify that i meant astoria, whitestone/bayside area

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    1. re: helen19

      The Sparrow has good ambience and decent food.
      It's on 24th Ave across from the Beer Garden, between the Ditmars and Astoria stops.

      1. re: melon

        do you know how late they are open during the week?

      1. re: southlake

        anythign a little more local (queens)? bye the time i go home and change, i wouldnt get to the city until 1ish...

        1. re: helen19

          just heard about this new place called winegasm- on 37th street between 31st ave and broadway. Sounds very interesting- they're doing their "soft opening" on Saturday. They don't list times on their websites, but it looks worth checking out when it really opens.

      2. what abt central and cavo ? cavo even has live music a few nites a week. theyre both greek places, but not just cafes.

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        1. re: lemonyc

          i think central is maybe open on wednesday. im not a fan of either bc of how packed they get on weekends, but i havnt thought of going on a weekday. are they open that late mon-wed though?