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Mar 19, 2008 05:24 PM

Borough Market [London]

We will be in London in late May. We want to hit the Borough Market. What things there cannot be missed. I have read about Grilled cheese and a chorizo sandwich??? What else. We want to do lunch. What is nearby Tate Modern?

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  1. I wouldn't worry about what not to miss. Wander around and you'll be fine. If you're staying in a self-catering flat, be prepared for great temptation -- and you might want to plan on getting things for a lovely picnic that evening or the next day.

    Neal's Yard Cheese Shop (not the body shop around the corner -- I forget what it's called) is generally considered a must-see, but I'm not that impressed. Good cheeses, yes, but there are good cheeses in the market. And, of course, now that Neal's Yard has gotten in bed with Whole Foods, you can get the same stuff back home.

    1. The Tate Modern itself has some nice food and good views. And just a reminder that the Borough Market is open Thurs. through Saturday but Thursday a lot of the stalls aren't working. If you want a sit-down lunch at the Market, Brindisi Tapas has very yummy food but go early to get a table. There's one place selling salt beef sandwiches (corned beef), but that wasn't my best choice. How can one eat corned beef if it's not on rye bread?!?!

      1. I'm a periodic Boroughist but have never quite found the grilled cheese. Can anyone help me to locate it? Last weekend I saw a toasted cheese sandwich, but suspected that was not the same. I did however succumb to a wedge of Comté, which was so perfect that I ate it on the spot.

        Thanks, BB

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          You may have seen The Real Thing, BB. Isn't "grilled cheese sandwich" American for "toasted cheese sandwich"?

          I can vouch for the chorizo sandwich from the Brindisi stall - chorizo, rocket, roasted peppers, good bread, oil. Fab.


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            I think the toasted (Grilled) cheese is the same stand that does the raclette. From what I remember, it's easier to find if one enters from the cathedral side of the market. I'll probably try that next time I'm there. To me, toasted and grilled are the same when it comes to cheese sandwiches... bread that's been under a grill or toasted in a pan.

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              Brilliant, that solves it then. I saw the toasted cheese next to the raclette. Still adapting to British terminology, but for me a toasted cheese sandwich would imply toasting the bread and then inserting cheese whereas grilling involves putting the whole combination on a grill or press. Have the aged M and P visiting this weekend. Will have to try to persuade them that their adult child desperately needs a toasted cheese sandwich or will burst into tears...

              The sandwich I'm currently obsessed with is from Fernandez and Wells on Beak Street. I had a toasted (grilled) mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich there which was first rate, but the one that has been haunting my memory is a toasted croissant sandwich with cheese and tomato. Coffee is excellent as well.



              1. re: bombaybeauty

                Fernandez and Wells sounds like just the spot for a lunch after going to the new Banana Republic on Regent St. I've missed that shop! One of my favorites is brie, walnut and cranberries... haven't seen that yet in London.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  They also have a jamon / prosciutto / cheese/ wine place around the corner on Lexington Street which looks excellent, but I've never managed to walk past those sandwiches without going in... BB

          2. The 2 items that are must haves are the toasted cheese sandwich and chorizo sandwich at Brindisa. Check out some recent pictures I took from my trip to the market.

            1. The L'artisan du Chocolat stall sells bags of random loose pieces for £2. A v good deal.

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                Since I don't go often enough, I find things one time and not the next... But these two spots I think I locate now. The grilled cheese looks death-defying and delicious. Being of the vegetarian persuasion I'll pass on the chorizo -- exactly why the toasted cheese is so exciting. Cheers, BB