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Mar 19, 2008 05:16 PM

Easter brunch to go?

I am bringing Easter to my ill MIL in Victorville as she is recovering from emergency surgery. We were not actually planning to do Easter at all this year due to crazy work schedules (I work 12 hr shifts Friday and Saturday) and general domestic upheaval. It just so happens that our first chance to visit her at home is this Sunday (Easter)

I would love to pick up some ready made fare that will travel well and is good reheated or a room temperature. Can travel from Southbay to Culver City.

Looking for:

Main course-something "light" (we do not like quiche) or ???
Side dish or two-vegetable?
Sweet-a ricotta cheesecake or pavlova? Where can I get great hot cross buns?

Whole foods is very close as is Trader Joe's. We do not buy much ready to eat food, so not sure what is good.

Any help greatly (and I mean greatly) appreciated!


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  1. Not sure if these places are in your area, but Gelson's has a good deli for take-out. Also, if you like ham, Honeybaked Ham has stores and cafes around town. The only one I know of is in Northridge at Devonshire and Reseda.

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      second Gelson's! Third it, too! They have great special eastery dishes in the prepared foods/deli section. Also, some AMAZING stuff in the Viktor Benes' bakery for dessert.

      They'll also have special dishes for Passover.


      Check out their Easter menu. You have to pick it up on Saturday and then heat it up on Sunday. Looks like they cover most of what you were thinking about and then some.