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Mar 19, 2008 05:10 PM

Burlington eats with well behaved cute 18 mos old boy

We are visiting this weekend, I plan to ski Sat and Sun. Looking for places within walking distance from the Marriott area that have great food and would accommodate a good 18 month old kid well enough. Not fine dining (this is chowhound after all!)

Looking for real good reasonably priced food and great micro brews.....


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  1. I would absolutely recommend American Flatbread on Saint Paul Street in downtown Burlington.

    1. Absolutely Flatbread, there is no better place for good food, beer and kids all combined. I usually suggest going half an hour before you're starving, put your name on the wait list and then walk around town. There is always a wait, even if it's long, it's worth it... do not fall into the trap of anything on Church Street, or the Vermont Pub and Brewery... which my daughters both refer to as " the place with really bad food". There is also The Skinny Pancake down by the water on College and Lake Street, serving crepes... I prefer the dessert crepes, or doing it for breakfast... and it's a quick walk from the Marriot. Also Penny Cluse on Cherry Street for breaksfast, also always has a wait list... but again, it's worth the wait and full of families with small children. Have fun, it's still damp, icy and cold so bring your boots!

      1. I also agree about American Flatbread. Great food, quality (often local) ingredients, and a nice beer selection (they have their own brewery too). It is pricey for pizza (about $15-20) for a large flatbread) but I always enjoy it. I recommend the New Vermont Sausage although they usually have a couple intriguing specials.

        1. All these recommendations are great. I'd add Magnolia for great breakfasts or lunch (it's just off the corner of St. Paul St. and College). It's mostly organic, locally-sourced food, served in a warm and bright basement space. I also like Pacific Rim, just next door on St. Paul, for good, fresh, and inexpensive pan-Asian food (great dumplings, noodles, curries, etc.). On Bank St., A Single Pebble has great, inventive Chinese fare, and is also kid-friendly. I'd avoid Church St,, apart from a mandatory stop at Ben and Jerry's.

          On a non-food note, you may also consider taking your child to the Echo center on the waterfront. It's a kid-centered maritime museum with lots of hand-on exhibits, including waterplay, and a toddler-friendly play area. A great place to let a child run around on a chilly day!