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Mar 19, 2008 04:52 PM

Really tasty food in Everett/Medford area??

I am going rock climbing with friends at MetroRock in Everett. I think it is near Meadow Glen Mall. It is in an industrial park near the Mellon Bank Building. Any really tasty food and drink nearby? Any neighborhood joints with a decent bar? What's the closest exceptional food -- anything really worth making a detour for?

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  1. Definitely Abbondanza on Main Street in Everett. Great Italian food, great seafood. They also have an insane coffee gelato dish for dessert that is to die for :)

    1. The Newbridge Cafe on the chelsea / everett line is awesome, great steak tips and the best Turkey Tips and its a bargain as well.
      here's a link

      1. There is a Regina Pizza (Pizzeria Regina) and a Not Your Average Joe's at Station Landing (Wellington Circle) in Medford. They are about a 3 minute ride from the Mellon Bank building in Everett. Both have good food and bar service. There is also a Kelly's Roast Beef at Station Landing but they don't serve liquor.

        1. If you want to venture into Melrose, Mexico Lindo is excellent food and drink, but it isn't a "bar". You have to have food with your liquor in Melrose (also in Woburn, Stoneham and, I think, Medford).

          1. you are just down Commercial street from Malden, so you might want to check out FuLoon

            All Seasons Table on Pleasant street is pretty good too - more expensive but swankier.

            both have full bars