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Really tasty food in Everett/Medford area??

I am going rock climbing with friends at MetroRock in Everett. I think it is near Meadow Glen Mall. It is in an industrial park near the Mellon Bank Building. Any really tasty food and drink nearby? Any neighborhood joints with a decent bar? What's the closest exceptional food -- anything really worth making a detour for?

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  1. Definitely Abbondanza on Main Street in Everett. Great Italian food, great seafood. They also have an insane coffee gelato dish for dessert that is to die for :)

    1. The Newbridge Cafe on the chelsea / everett line is awesome, great steak tips and the best Turkey Tips and its a bargain as well.
      here's a link

      1. There is a Regina Pizza (Pizzeria Regina) and a Not Your Average Joe's at Station Landing (Wellington Circle) in Medford. They are about a 3 minute ride from the Mellon Bank building in Everett. Both have good food and bar service. There is also a Kelly's Roast Beef at Station Landing but they don't serve liquor.

        1. If you want to venture into Melrose, Mexico Lindo is excellent food and drink, but it isn't a "bar". You have to have food with your liquor in Melrose (also in Woburn, Stoneham and, I think, Medford).

          1. you are just down Commercial street from Malden, so you might want to check out FuLoon

            All Seasons Table on Pleasant street is pretty good too - more expensive but swankier.

            both have full bars

            1. I like Il Faro in Medford Square - its Italian, of course. I've heard the Sei Bar is good for sushi, but never eaten there personally..

              1. Yoki Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is also located at Station Landing in Medford. Yoki is a few doors down from Regina Pizza. You can view their menu at www.yokirestaurant.com/

                1. The first place I thought of was Abodanza right on Main Street in Everett. Not far from the rotary and it will be on your right - tiny so keep your eyes peeled.

                  1. The best "worth a detour for" place is New Bridge Cafe, followed by Abbondonza. But you're not all that far (10 minutes according to Mapquest) from Angela's Cafe in East Boston, which definitely is worth the detour if you have not been there.

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                      No liquor license there yet though, AFAIK... so not so good from the drink perspective.

                    2. I recommend Tivoli Bistro on Exchange Street in Malden, minutes from Malden Station. It's being overshadowed by the newer, trendier places that have opened in the square, but it's great continental food. Cozy and unpretentious, but attractive atmosphere. The owner/chef worked at the restaurant at the Boston Four Seasons whose name I can't spell and can barely pronounce and at the Bay Tower Room. They serve beer and wine and have an attractive, but underutilized bar seating area. I've sat at the bar by myself and enjoyed a meal after a long day at work. Has anyone else tried it?

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                        Love Tivoli's- but make sure to call first. They have odd hours, and are closed a few evenings .