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Mar 19, 2008 04:34 PM

Special night in Santa Monica

Hello All,
Newb here, got a suggestion from another forum to also post here, haven't gotten a chance to trool the pages yet, but I figured I may as well post my question to the area experts here.

So not a where to stay question but the other popular and in my humble opinion a more important query..... Where to eat? Ok staying at the Sheraton for a weekend getaway with the girlfriend, but will have a car so no worries if it's out of the way but would rather walk if possible so I can also enjoy some wine. Hoping to get recomendation from the experts for a special place, very nice quiet, where we can sit enjoy a nice dinner. Any cuisine(we both enjoy a variety of food and fine wine)and price range is somewhat open as long as it's not The French Laundry range (if you know what I mean). Would also like to know where the best place is to sit (hopefully outside) and enjoy an adult beverage while watching the sunset.

Eventhough we do enjoy may different cuisines as you may have guessed from my name I love me my meat!
Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Josie's is my favorite restaurant for a nice, quiet and delicious dinner in Santa Monica. You can find their menu on their website. Several on this board rave about Melisse. While the prices aren't as high as the French Laundry, it can get close and I don't think the service, food or ambiance warrants the price.

    The Penthouse at the top of the Huntley hotel is a great spot for a drink and to enjoy the view. If you want to drive up the coast into Malibu, Geoffrey's has a lovely patio with an ocean view, and would be lovely for drinks and appetizers only

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      I second the Josie rec. It's my favorite in that area!

    2. Repeated from other board:

      Catch (fantastic view, I've always had great meals)
      Capo (expensive Italian, but really great, and romantic)
      Whist (poolside, under the cabana)
      Chinois (Puck's asian - and it's great)
      Penthouse (view, view, view
      Via Veneto (Italian like Italy)
      Chaya Venice (true LA/Venice vibe, great food)

      All these have great atmosphere, great wine list, walkable from Delfina. Have a drink at Lobster or Penthouse (or nearby Casa del Mar or Shutters) for the view, then wander to dinner.

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        One Great Meal: Melisse
        Drinks: Shutters, Loews, Le Merigot

      2. Thanks all, lots of great ideas! and thanks yogachik for introducing me to yet another forum where i can spend hundreds of hours just reading.... I know my boss will thank you too! lol. OH did I say that out loud. Of course I'm not browsing the web on company time.

        1. Don't mis the Penthouse for a drink and the view.

          In addition to the other suggestons - Cora's Coffee Shop on Ocean by the hotels for a nice lunch. Great burger and soups and I love their BLT salad.

          Across from Coras and north a little bit is Chez Jay - old-school dive bar with steaks, seafood - a checkered tablecloth kind of place!

          Past the Pier and north still is Ocean Avenue Seafood - they have a good raw bar and good happy-hour prices for it.

          Hidden in a courtyard a block south of Ocean Avenue Seafood is Abode - search the board for it - one of the newer places in town, pricey but with a great chef.

          A little bit of a stretch to walk, but you can drive or check into the bus - Father's Office on Montana. Search this board for info about it before you go - it's a contender for the best burger in LA, but you need to know about the set-up.

          Just down Pico from the Sheraton, towards the beach, you'll find El Texate, Mexican/Oaxacan food; the lunch counter at the bowling alley for breakfast or sandwiches, or even a casual beer; Cha Cha Chicken, which is a great, casual Caribbean-ish lunch place. Good jerk chicken and other offerings in an outdoor patio setting.

          If you walk south on Main Street about 4-6 blocks from Pico, you'll find Urth Cafe, the Galley - a kind of old-school joint similar to Chez Jay - and other places, from sushi to delis to Italian to Irish pub to Mexican.

          Enjoy your trip.