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Mar 19, 2008 04:18 PM

St. Joseph's Day Pastries-San Diego

Every year for St. Joseph's Day, I go down to Little Italy on India Street to pick up St. Joseph's Day pastries for my husband, Joe. It's family tradition brought from the East Coast. I have always gone to Solunto's in the past. This year, however, the son of the former owner said he did not make them this year. His dad, who died a year ago yesterday, had always made them in the past, but the son didn't have time this year. He hopes to get back to this tradition next year. Does anyone know any other bakery who does these pastries once a year? Too late for this year, but I want a back-up plan for next year! Thanks!

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  1. I have a call into Solunto's, but does anyone have any ideas about where I can get St. Joseph's Day pastries if Solunto's is not making them again this year?

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      I am not sure what those are, but the New York Bakery in El Cajon has a good variety of Italian pastries so you may want to give them a call...

      New York Bakery
      245 E Main St, El Cajon, CA

    2. What is St. Joseph's day and what is the pastry? Maybe there's something similar out there with a different name?

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        The St Joseph pastry is called a zeppole. Typically filled with yellow cream and various fruit compotes. Most italian bakeries would carry them now through easter.

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          I was down at Solunto's last Sunday and they had zeppole.

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          it appears to be a fried pastry, made of either a yeasted dough or pate choux, forced through a pastry tube ina round or circular shape, deep fried and filled with a vanilla pastry cream, often dusted with sugar or confectioner's sugar.

          Flickr has many photos to view.

          I wonder if there are Portuguese St Joseph's pastries as well. St. Joseph is the family patron saint of a friend.

        3. I'm making zeppole's in honor of San Giuseppepe..never done it but can't wait till the 19th..has anyone made them?
          Looking forward to the festa!

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            If you have an authentic recipe they'll be one big problem, you won't be able to stop eating them!

          2. I'm making these bad boys tomorrow...fry them up and stuff them with vanilla pudding and topped with cherry sauce..never done it but how bad can it be.
            Thank goodness I drum and work-out a lot..they are going to be lunch and dinner..

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              Soluntos just had the fried dough balls--no filling! I'm still looking!!

            2. Things are not looking good this year for st Joseph's day pastries, based on the zeppole thread posted. Anyone know of any newer restaurants in little Italy making traditional pastries on Tuesday?

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                There's one simple solution nessy, book a trip to BOS and hit the North-end!.

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                  I don't think with the direction that little Italy is going that old school pastry shop's will survive or open(excuse my grammar). My feel is that little Italy is catering more to classy bistros/fine dining and as a result is becoming more health conscious resulting in less unhealthy/visually unappealing food such as Pete's quality grilled meat. That being said I hope some powerhouse chef decides to open something similar to Eataly in NYC which I think would benefit San Diego greatly, better idea than the public market imo especially since it's partially handled by someone influential in little Italy. Mind my gripe, I just think little Italy has so much potential without it becoming too touristy.

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                    Little Italy and fine dining ? - There is no fine dining in Little Italy, not even something remotely related to fine dining

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                      There's not in LI that isn't touristy and agree with Mr. Honkman.