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Mar 19, 2008 04:14 PM

Question re: Classic Italian Pizza - Tempe

I'm planning to go to Classic Italian Pizza this week. Is there generally much of a wait there? I saw that they don't open until 5:00 - I just tried to call to see if they took reservations and got a busy signal. Thanks for any help!

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  1. I've never encountered a wait there. In fact, I often wonder how the place stays in business despite being so good. It never seems very crowded.

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      Classic Italian Pizza has been on my 'list' for years. Thanks for the reminder, I am definitely headed there this week! What's not to be missed?

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        The restaurant does not have a Web site, so I can't recall exact details, but I seem to remember a white pizza with lots of garlic.That's probably my favorite.

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          They have several appetizer and salad options, including bread with a tomato-dipping sauce, garlic dip, olives, and an antipasto plate; dinner, caprese, "gourmet," and nizza slads (nizza has tuna and is aking to a nicoise); plus a dizzying array of pizza options, ranging from a classic margherita to an eggplant parm(!), a diavola, two white pie options, and a capriciosa that looks like the kitchen sink. You can also create your own. They also have calzones, and for desset, tiramisiu or cannolis. (I cheated - I have the take-out menu.) Have fun - these are terrific pizzas!

      2. Update - we went, and it was great as expected! We started with the olive appetizer - the olives were all green, and tasted like they came right off the tree. We had two bread baskets among the four of us - the bread is wonderful, chewy inside and done nicely on the outside in the wood-fired oven. We also started with the Caprese salad, which was bright and lovely with large pieces of basil and handmade-tasting mozzarella.

        Among us, we had the margherita pizza, the salami pizza, a custom pizza with sausage and mushrooms, and a calzone. Nothing disappointed, except that my mom thought that the salami pizza was a little too salty for her taste (I can't remember what they paired with the salami, but it was something else salty).

        The service was fabulous. We arrived at 7:00 pm and there was no wait, but things started getting busier during our meal. When we were leaving around 8:15-8:30 it was close to a full house.

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          "... the olives were all green, and tasted like they came right off the tree."

          Huh? Olives straight off the tree are extremely bitter and disgusting, they need to be fermented and/or brined before they become palatable. Are you trying to steer us away from ordering this starter?

          P.S. Thank you for correctly spelling "margherita," the other spelling seems to be quite prevalent in the Southwest!