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Mar 19, 2008 03:52 PM

In search of a great tavern/pub food

Getting a very mixed group of people (early 20s-late 40s) together Friday night, want a pretty low key and realatively inexpensiv place for drinks and some good grub, thinking more pub fare, muchie food.. Looking West of Yonge south of Bloor. Places I am considering Dakota, Beaconsfield, Communist Daughter, but am admittedly clueless. Help!

I lived in Yorkville for a few weeks this summer and really liked the vibe of the Pilot, although the food was not the best. So something with that atmosphere but better food. Thanks!

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  1. Just a bit north of your borders is the Rebel House. Total pub environment with significantly better than average pub food. It's on Yonge near Roxborough.

    1. Little out of your parameters - but I would def check out Bishop and the Belcher at Bloor and Church!

      1. For west of Yonge, south of Bloor I'd recommend Victory Cafe on Markham (southwest corner of Bathurst & Bloor.) The food is good (much better than average pub food) and the beer is great. Much further south is Smokeless Joe on John St south of Richmond. It's much smaller and the food menu is more limited but the beer is great too.

        Any other places I'd recommend are outside the area you specified. (Rebel House, Volo, beerbistro, C'est What.)