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Mar 19, 2008 03:16 PM

Gardenville Hotel?

Our friends invited us to dinner at the Gardenville Hotel in Pipersville on Saturday night. My husband and I have never been there before or even heard of it. Has anyone had any experience with this place? What is it like, how is the food? Any info would really be appreciated!

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    1. re: angelsmom

      Thank you for your reply. . . what kind of food do they have? What is the atmosphere?

    2. It has kind of a neighberhood bar kind of feel- it's not stuffy. I've only had wings for takeout, and they were...not good. Probably not the most "chowish" place you'll eat at, but the vibe seemed friendly, and I think I did notice some good beers there.
      So, you won't be getting any foams or vapors or anything cooked sous vide, but you'll probably enjoy yourself!

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      1. re: JCap

        Thanks so much! I wasn't able to find anything about this place anywhere online, so where better to go than to fellow 'hounds!

      2. They've really been working on the restaurant aspect of the business- renovated the dining room, hired good chef (and there's no longer any smoking on the premises). Homey atmosphere, good food (known for their crab cakes!) and nice peope.

        There's also a nice sized banquet room in the back, and they do a nice party business there.