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OC Dive Bars with BTA chow?

Seeking dive-y or low-key watering holes with suprisingly good fare. Even if it's just a burger or whatever. You folks know what I mean -- and you never let me down-- so thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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  1. I am sorry, to many abbreviations! What is BTA chow?

    1. BTA == Better Than Average

      Cassidys NB has great burgers especially with the pepper plant sauce . ( Caveat a friend had one a few weeks ago and thought the bun tasted "wrong" , but this is the only complaint i have ever heard and even they are going back just writing it off as a one time thing )
      How dive-y do you want ? Name what you think is a dive bar to give some idea maybe.

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        Sorry to confuse -- BTA does indeed mean better-than-average. By dive-y, I mean any bar that would make your mom nervous. Or, maybe your dad too.

        But low-key watering holes are okay too. Those lesser known neighborhood haunts that tend to have a local clientele. Cassidy's is a perfect candidate, so thanks Stuart.

      2. Chester Drawers had a nice burger... sob sob

        Try O"Connells. It's a dive bar on Bushard in FV between Garfield and Yorktown. It's completely unknown and I've never gotten too sick from their food- and that's high praise from a dive bar.

        1. The Blackwatch in HB on Adams west of Beach isn't bad either.

          1. The Place on PCH in Corona del Mar has their signature Flameburger; good burger. Shamrock on PCH in Newport Beach has BTA food; good corn beef.

            1. Word has it that the food at The District Lounge in Orange (just off the traffic circle on Chapman) is decent.

              1. Thanks hounds. These are just what I'm seeking!

                1. Blackie's in Newport Beach - get a Special Sandwich (hot dog, mustard?, and a pickle on rye) and a pickled egg. For Blackie's, it's surprisingly good.

                  1. I've been told that Turk's, in Dana Point Harbor has good food and it most certainly is a dive bar. Sorry I can't vouch for it myself, and it gets very little attention, but I hear good things.

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                      Turk's is the local dive bar right on the harbor by the fishing boats. Been there for breakfast and it was good. Funky, fun place. There used to be one in Sunset Beach on PCH but don't know if is still there. Same kind of place, locals, fisherman etc.

                    2. If Sid's was still open it would surely be on this list. Does Blue Beet count as a dive bar?