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Mar 19, 2008 02:58 PM

OC Dive Bars with BTA chow?

Seeking dive-y or low-key watering holes with suprisingly good fare. Even if it's just a burger or whatever. You folks know what I mean -- and you never let me down-- so thanks in advance for your wisdom.

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  1. I am sorry, to many abbreviations! What is BTA chow?

    1. BTA == Better Than Average

      Cassidys NB has great burgers especially with the pepper plant sauce . ( Caveat a friend had one a few weeks ago and thought the bun tasted "wrong" , but this is the only complaint i have ever heard and even they are going back just writing it off as a one time thing )
      How dive-y do you want ? Name what you think is a dive bar to give some idea maybe.

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        Sorry to confuse -- BTA does indeed mean better-than-average. By dive-y, I mean any bar that would make your mom nervous. Or, maybe your dad too.

        But low-key watering holes are okay too. Those lesser known neighborhood haunts that tend to have a local clientele. Cassidy's is a perfect candidate, so thanks Stuart.

      2. Chester Drawers had a nice burger... sob sob

        Try O"Connells. It's a dive bar on Bushard in FV between Garfield and Yorktown. It's completely unknown and I've never gotten too sick from their food- and that's high praise from a dive bar.

        1. The Blackwatch in HB on Adams west of Beach isn't bad either.

          1. The Place on PCH in Corona del Mar has their signature Flameburger; good burger. Shamrock on PCH in Newport Beach has BTA food; good corn beef.