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Mar 19, 2008 02:25 PM

Salt Lick BBQ

Worth the drive.

a real experience to eat on long wood tables.

All the food is good.

Sauce is best in texas

You will not forget this one (positive)

Mu favorite is the turkey and beef brisket

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  1. To offer another prospective:
    Disagree. If you are driving that far then go to Lockhart.

    Agree, I like the atmosphere

    Disagree, the BBQ was awesome in the early 80's and that caused me to defend Salt Lick on Chowhound when I first joined. However, after eating there 4 or 5 times in the last 4 years I must say the the food has seriously declined and I don't even consider it a viable BBQ option anymore. The last time I was there (about 6 months ago for a birthday party) the meat was so bad I took three bites and left it alone. The peach cobbler tsated like someone topped canned peaches with some bisquick. However, I did have a tasty potato salad.

    wow, that's a bold statement and I disagree (it has tons of cottonseed oil which to me makes it too oily)

    To each their own, but I new/visiting hounds should be aware that opinions on Salt Lick are varied.

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    1. re: Honey Bee

      Got to say, I agree, my goodness, Sam's and House Park are head and shoulders above Salt Lick and you'll save about $50 in gas!!! When we have out of town visitors, we either take them to Lockhart or or Sam's or House Park. Just depending on how much we like them!!!

      1. re: whoalilponie

        ...and Salt Lick raised the family style price to $18/head. That's pretty steep for a good atmosphere.

        I will say though I went a few weeks ago (I live nearby) and the brisket was much improved...or since it wasn't a very busy Tuesday night the meat was allowed to take its time on the pit.

        1. re: achtungpv

          My goodness, yes. If you're going to drive for atmosphere, how about Coopers or Muellers? WAY better bbq and great atmosphere. Heck, for that matter, why not Opie's? Let's just say there are so many better options for great bbq.

          1. re: amysuehere

            AGree with honey bee et al. SL was one of the worst in my tour of the region. They got that nice show-y holding pit out front, though... Lockhart is magical... :-)

      2. re: Honey Bee

        I still like it but it's a long drive

      3. I agree with all of the disagrees. SL was great back in the 80's, but it has declined, and there are so many other places that are better.

        Amysuehere read my mind with the mentioning of Coopers, Mueller's, and (wow) Opie's. I love a visit to Opie's after a hard bike ride at Muleshoe.


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        1. re: markewallace

          Have you been to Opie's since they moved into the new building?

          1. re: amysuehere

            >> Have you been to Opie's since they moved into the new building? <<

            Nope, not yet. Any change in terms of quality?


            1. re: markewallace

              That's what I was going to ask you. I also heard they built a huge apartment/condo complex at that intersection as well. I hope that's just a vicious rumor, cuz my fear is that would destroy both Opies and Krausse.

        2. Salt Lick is opening soon in Round Rock, on 79 right near the Dell Diamond. This will be great for those of us who do like Salt lick but not willing to drive ...

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          1. re: judiftx1

            Brisket is much better in Taylor @ Louis Mueller

          2. In truth, my husband and I eat a lot of bbq, and the only time we eat Salt Lick these days is at the airport, and that usually has to do with the idea that if for whatever reason it turns out to be my last meal, I want it to be TX bbq. The last time we flew we had chopped brisket sandwiches at 10 a.m. (and say what you will, but I love the salt lick bread), then had a lay-over in Memphis where we had to try the Jim Neeley's? Interstate bbq in that terminal. That experience confirmed for me that a lifetime of "rub" has spoiled me...the Memphis bbq was just a little too saturated in sauce for my taste.

            1. The original comment has been removed