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Mar 19, 2008 01:51 PM

Lunch on the way to Santa Fe from ABQ?

Hi All - Any suggestions for good, cheapish eats on the way to Santa Fe from ABQ? We'll be on the road around lunch, and someplace with a vegetarian option would be best. Thanks much for any help!

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  1. I really like The Range Cafe which is at 925 S Camino Del Pueblo in Bernalillo, NM, about 20 minutes north of Albuquerque, and just off of I-25 on the way to Santa Fe. They have good New Mexican and updated diner food, with several vegetarian options.

    1. It's only about 60 miles fr ALB to Santa Fe, so if you don't stop at the Range Cafe or find some other appealing place, it'll probably still be lunchtime when you get to your destination and its abundance of places to eat.

      1. On US 550 just west of US 85 on the north side of Bernalillo is Blake's Lot-A-Burger. They serve one of the better green chile cheeseburgers in the state.

        1. The the Turquoise Trail up to Santa Fe and stop in the Mine Shaft Tavern for lunch. A much nicer drive than I-25 and the tavern is unique.