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Apr 25, 2002 12:11 AM

what's the opinion on Le Saigon?

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  1. You're asking about the one on Santa Monica Blvd, right? Well, I'm glad to have a place close to home to go get Pho, and I'd certainly choose it over Red Moon, the only other 'namese place I know in the Westside; the food's gotten a lot more gringo-ized since a new owner took over about 2 years ago.

    Le Saigon is fine for a quick bowl, but it's a limited menu with just the Vietnamese food hit parade; noodles, spring rolls, the like. Nothing you haven't seen before.

    So, it's no Monterey Park or Chinatown. You have to ask for fish sauce and green chiles, and their Pho only offers one type of beef (Rare OR Cooked OR..) rather than offering a combination. Also no beef tendon, which I happen to love.

    I do like their chicken pho.

    So that's MY opinion.

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      There's Pho Bac Huynh in the Baja Bud's/Mishima centre at Wilshire and Granville.

      The decor is nonexistent but the food is okay. Le Saigon has better food but a body could rot in the time it takes to get a table.

      Red Moon... what a shanda.

    2. I agree. I happen to really like the place, especially the bun. The ingredients see always to be really fresh, but the menu isn't big on variety. I especially like their shrimp skewers.

      I wish I had Thi's gift with food language, I'd make you want to live at this place! (Overall, it's one of my favorite local places and I go there all the time.)

      There is, however, another vietnamese place up on Wilshire west of Barrington in the Baja Bud's shopping center, and that place has a tad more variety.

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        I think Zach was referring to Pho Bac Hunynh located at 11819 Wilshire Blvd. (310-477-9379), next door to Mishima. They have a broader selection of meat for the pho (round eye steak, flank, tendon, tripe, brisket and meatball), as well as chicken pho. Their bun selection is similar to Le Saigon (shrimp, pork, egg rolls), but they also have crispy noodles (mi xao chay), and various chicken, pork and tofu rice dishes. I've only had the pho, but it's been good so far.

      2. i love that place! used to eat there every week. i agree that the menu is very limited, but the food is sparkling fresh. the soft spring rolls are just perfect--with a paper-thin slice of pork to accentuate the crunchy vegetables and boiled shrimp. i usually get either the pho tai or the bun saigon dac biet (w/ beef, shrimp, and imperial roll).

        it's gotten very popular so i only order take out during dinner time or go during off hours. to my dismay, i've noticed--*every* time i've gone there to pick up my order the past three months--that pushy, hungry potential customers are extremely rude to the waiter (who i think is the son of the owners). it makes me angry, and i want to yell at them for taking their hunger pangs out on him when he's doing a great job at crowd control and table flow as it is. but i just give them the good ol stink eye and hurry out of there w/ my food (usually parked in the red zone).

        i've tried the other two places as well (red moon and the one on wilshire) but give le saigon the majority of my business for vietnamese on the westside.