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Mar 19, 2008 01:12 PM

Debbie Meyer green bags.

Do they work as advertised?

These are sold on HSN or online and supposedly allow storage of veggies an fruits for up to 10 days.

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  1. Not sure if they work, but I was intrigued since I have a constant problem with rotting produce, and I just ordered some. Warning about ordering from the website, before you can place your order, you have to screen through about 10 different screens trying to upgrade you to something more expensive, including the following pitch:

    "We ship our products in the order in which they are received. You can expect your order to ship in 2 to 6 weeks. For only $5.84 for your entire order, we can move you to the head of the line, ensuring that your order will be one of the very first to ship from our warehouse.

    Would you like to upgrade to priority treatment?"

    I did fall for the upgrade for the "deluxe" bags, which the website claims are even better. I ended up placing an order for 2 sets of bags and with tax and shipping it came to $56.19. I suspect the whole thing is probably a huge rip-off and that I could find a similar product elsewhere much cheaper.

    I was so turned off by the whole order process that unless the product is the best thing since sliced bread, so to speak, I would not order again just on general principle.

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    1. re: omotosando

      Thanks, I dont throw away that much, but it is a little pricey

    2. My mother in law dropped a bunch of veggies off with us on her way out for a vacation and they were in green translucent plastic bags. She told us she had purchased the bags from Market of Choice and not to toss them when we ate the vegetables. Of course we were totally skeptical but after we watched a bunch of cilantro (NOTORIOUS for turning to mush in no time in my experience) stay perfectly fresh and non-wilty for well over a week (and this on top of however long it may have been languishing in my mother in law's refrigerator), we were believers.

      So yeah, in spite of myself (like, what-EV, they're just bags!), i think they totally work. I don't know why or how though.

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        I've used them for years, although not Debbie Meyer. I use Evert-Fresh, which work the same way and have been around longer, I think. I buy my produce cheap at the Asian market or the farmer's market and store them in those. They work great for some things, less well for others (bananas don't do so well -- they'll be green on the outside and mushy inside).

        You can order them online through third part retailers or call them and they'll give you a list of the places in your area that carry them. When I called I was expected to have to punch in my zip code and go through some electronic system. Instead a lady with a heavy Texas accent answered the phone. When I told her I was calling to find out where I could buy them, she said "oh, just a second, i know I've got that list somewhere." I could hear her rustling through papers. I was so charmed by that I became a customer for life.

        I highly recommend them.

        TimeMachine, they work by absorbing the ethylene gas given off by produce as it ripens.

        1. re: JonParker

          How long before they become saturated with ethylene? Or is there some procedure for baking them to restore?

          I've got a ventilated "crisper" drawer in my refrigerator, which also works on the same principle (blow off the rotten gasses), so I shouldn't need these, right?

          1. re: Chuckles the Clone

            The bags last for four or five uses, but they get progressively less effective over time. I've never tried to restore them, and I don't have a ventilated crisper.

          2. re: JonParker

            Debbie Meyer bags are just Evert-Fresh bags in a "new" packaging. They're the same product.

            1. re: ceenote

              are they?
              I just bought some of the Debbie Meyer....they seemed different once I opened them.

              1. re: Budino

                Yes they're the same.

                on the evertfresh website under "how to buy" is a link to the debbie meyers green bag site.

                so i called evertfresh to see what was up, and the woman told me that debbie meyers took over the evertfresh label

                1. re: ceenote

                  thanks for posting and taking the steps to check out what happened! that's what I suspected.

                  They do feel different, but they seem to work the same...

          3. re: TimeMachine

            Time Machine: I got a tip from the folks that provide my CSA veggie box each week, that works very well to keep cilantro fresh. The Full Belly Farm method is to snip off the tips of the stems and put the cilantro into a glass of water (not all the way up, but covering the stems part way. You then leave it on the counter. If it starts to wilt, just cut off some more of the stem. It really works!

            1. re: oakjoan

              Also works well for celery, parsley, basil, etc. If you think of cut fresh herbs as cut fresh flowers, and treat them similarly, they can last a long time.

              And with celery, you can put a couple of drops of food coloring into the water and watch it get sucked up the stalk.

          4. There's some stuff in a previous thread that is useful for bags:


            1. argh - lost my long-winded post.

              Anyway, we also use the Every-Fresh bags, and I wholeheartedly recommend them. We're a two-person household with a full CSA share, and they're invaluable. The key is to put your produce in them as soon as you get home from the store/farm/market. I've had cauliflower remain pristinely white and crisp for well over a week, and they're phenomenal with salad greens - no slimies!

              1. A little on a different note - has anyone heard or used ExtraLife Disc's?

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                1. re: dmfnole

                  Yes, I love them. I've used the ExtraLife Discs for about 3 years now and they really do make a difference in how long my product keeps, especially leafy greens.