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Mar 19, 2008 01:00 PM

Good Indian Recommendation

I'm looking for a good indian place to go to for dinner this evening with a group of friends. Some of the recommendations i've received so far is Electric Karma, Bombay Cafe, and Clay Pit. Which one of the three is best and would recommend anywhere else?

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  1. Surya on 3rd Street. Somewhat upscale and the food is always good. One of the nice features at Surya is that you have the option to order an "entree" or a "dinner". The dinner includes a side of dal and a side of chickpeas. I recommend the Rogan Josh.

    1. Woodland's In Chatswroth or Artesia! not upscale at all. Damn good food.

      1. I would recommend JAIPUR on Pico near Westwood. If you go there, and you like seafood, I highly recommend their fish tikka. It's heavenly.

        It seems to be family run, is definitely unassuming, with very reasonable prices. I really really like the place!

        1. i enjoy the food at india's oven located on the 2nd floor of an office building located at barry and wilshire in brentwood. the prices have ticked up a bit ($1-2) as of late though.