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Mar 19, 2008 12:52 PM

Pepper and Egg Sandwich?

Does anyone know of any place--in D.C. or NoVa if possible--that serves a pepper and egg sandwich. Having grown up in Chicago, I ate them all the time. But I haven't had one in years.

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  1. Mmmmm, thanks for the great flashback. I haven't had one since I left Ohio. Must be a mid-west thing. Have never seen one on a menu in VA or DC.

    1. dr3rdeye
      I cannot help you with a specific recc, but if you can locate a Pizzaria (Hopefully owned by transplanted NYC'ers) you'll undoubetedly find a decent, maybe even great, pepper and egg hero. (You really have to get it as a hero if it's coming from a Pizzzaria) If you get lucky and find one, see if they'll make you a POTATO, pepper and egg, hero... Absolutely dee-lish! :-}

      1. Ah, you are bringing back some wonderful memories! Grew up in Chicagoland as well and ate them ALL the time during Lent. I've never seen them elsewhere.

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          Pepper & egg and potato & egg heroes are pretty standard fare at just about every NYC pizzaria. Off hand, I cannot think of any that DON'T offer them along with all the other standard heroes. I had one the other day. It was huge!
          It fed 3 of us and it was incredibly good. It never tastes as good when made at home. :-}

        2. Your question got to my stomach's memory. So I stopped and picked up some green, red and yellow peppers off a salad bar on the way home and made pepper and eggs for dinner. Back into the 60s, at least, pepper and eggs were available in the Boston area. So its not a mid-west phenom.

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            When I went to school in Boston in 2001-2004 the pepper and egg sandwiches were still very much on the menu at the average Greek pizza place. I used to frequent one in Teele Square in Sommervile. So good.

          2. Been eating in DC all my life. Never seen a pepper and egg sandwich. There are plenty of chinese carryouts that offer steak/cheese/onion/ham/egg subs. You might be able to get them to do just an egg/green pepper sandwich. I managed to convince one confused carryout guy to make me a St. Paul sandwich, but it just wasn't the same without the pickles.