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Mar 19, 2008 12:28 PM

Good Moderate Italian

I've been doing some research and came across the following moderate Italian Restaurants. We are also looking for a nice casual atmosphere. Let me know what you think:


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  1. I like all three places, but I might give the nod to Pagliuca's, mainly because it isn't as well known so lines are less likely on weekends.

    1. Are you trying to stay in the North End? In fact, unless it's dead of winter and mid-week, I never visit NE anymore...too crowded/touristy. There are so many amazing options out there.

      Grotto (fixed price, great food, cozy atmosphere)
      La Morra (Oh God- fried olives, yum!)
      Pomodoro (Brookline-- and yes, I know people either love it or hate it)
      Teatro (I always have a good meal there)
      Sweet Basil
      Carlo's (annoying wait but always good food)

      Why limit yourself to the red sauce and long lines, I say...

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      1. re: mbasnack

        I think Pomodoro is closed. I believe that Orinoco is openning a branch in that space.

        1. re: whops

          No, the new Orinoco is actually next door to Pomodoro, in the old Village Fish space.

      2. My vote would be for Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway. Excellent, and far less hassle than the North End (as long as you go before baseball season starts...)

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        1. re: Kbee

          I second the vote for Trattoria Toscana. Excellent food, casual atmosphere.

          1. re: Kbee

            Third that choice. It's one of my favorites.
            During the baseball season, you can generally get a table after the game starts (usually 7:05). Finding a place to park, however, is a major problem.

          2. If you like seafood (calamari and shellfish over pasta mainly, but also things like monkfish marsala), try Daily Catch on Hanover. About as casual as it gets, but I really like the food. Mmmm, stuffed calamari, squid ink pasta, lobster fra diavlo...

            And if you happen to be in the North End on a Sunday, try Marco, Marc Offaly's place. They serve a fun, pretty casual, family-style dinner every Sunday.

            1. Away from the NE, I recommend:

              DiParma's in Winthrop - BYOB
              Alia in Winthrop - BYOB
              Vinnie's in Sommerville
              Jevillie's in East Boston
              DeMaino's in Revere