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Corn Dogs

This is a strange request, but a friend of mine has been craving corn dogs lately. I almost feel like corn dogs are a regional food because I can't remember ever seeing corn dogs anywhere in NY except Nathan's. Anyway, any suggestions on places to get some good ol' corn dogs (excluding the grocery store freezer) would be much appreciated!

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  1. Damn-you stumped me. Nathan's has mini ones. I think I read that Virgil's BBQ does them too. But once Spring arrives, any street fair in Manhattan has corn dogs. Doubt they're as good as the Dallas State Fair where I believe they were invented (and which I'd love to try one day).

    1. i have a possible alternative for you...

      sure, it looks kinda weird on the box and sounds a bit strange, but they're DELICIOUS. and also something that you can easily make in your own kitchen.

      1. I think Crif Dogs has corn.

        1. Waterfront Ale House has had mini corn dogs as appetizers two of the last three times I was there. I had them both times. They were really good.

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            I never saw them on the Brooklyn Waterfront Ale House menu but thanks for the heads-up. The only place I know that has them is the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

          2. Crif Dogs has them. and you can get it vegetarian too. They come out piping hot. I've burned my tongue more than once.

            1. Once the street fairs start up you can find them at the Italian trucks that sell sausages, zeppoles, and all that. Depending on the vendor they can range from amazing to really, really bad. If they look hand dipped (thick) and you start licking your chops at the mere sight of them, then go with your instincts and plop down the $4. The snack bars at Coney Island have ones that taste okay, but the hot dogs have that oscar meyer taste sometimes. Anyway, if you google the street fairs, there's a website with a list of which block they're going to be, and there's usually two choices every weekend. They had them running well into October this year, so it seems like they're expanding the schedule, and might be up and running by now. It's also a good way to chase down a funnel cake craving.

              1. I am from Dallas originally and have certainly had my fair share of corndogs. They aren't anything special, but Bamn! the automat on St. Marks in the EV has them. When they are fresh, I do enjoy them.

                1. I think I've seen them at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. They scare me.

                    1. The Nathan's across the street from MSG (32nd & 7th) has corn dogs. Notable because they are delicious when fresh and only 99 cents. Cheapest corn dog in the city?