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Mar 19, 2008 12:02 PM

Rochester, MN

Is there anything to eat in Rochester?

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  1. Redwood Room is pretty good. I ate there a few years ago, so I can't vouch for it's current menu.

    Redwood Room
    300 1st Ave NW, Rochester, MN

    1. Other than that, Rochester's food scene is pretty much big chain stuff. It's like a giant suburb in the middle of nowhere.

      Redwood Room
      300 1st Ave NW, Rochester, MN

      1. Yes, the Redwood Room is quite good. However, Rochester's restaurant scene is expanding and includes many new local businesses that offer excellent food. I have listed a few of my favorites and some new businesses below.

        Sontes - a Spanish tapas-style restaurant with an expansive wine list, fresh/local foods, and excellent atmosphere

        Chester's - newest restaurant in University Square (formerly Galleria Mall). Have not tried the food yet, but menu items vary and the restaurant itself is impressive

        City Cafe - sister restaurant to the Redwood Room, though the food is a bit more complex and expensive. It has been voted Rochester's Best Restaurant consistently since it has opened

        Prescott's - a local chef and his wife, who operates as the sommelier, own this gem. Always performs well in the best restaurants survey, has a huge wine list, features fresh/local food and complex tastes

        Avocados - new restaurant that has a menu that features everything from burgers to pastas with new, exciting flavors

        4 3rd St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

        City Cafe
        216 1st Ave SW, Rochester, MN 55902

        Avocados World Bistro
        1190 16th St SW, Rochester, MN

        1201 S Broadway Ste 80, Rochester, MN 55904

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          My parents live in Rochester, so eating there is always kind of a challenge. Not much going on. That being said, Victoria's downtown is really good for Italian, and John Hardee's Barbecue is really really fantastic.

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            Recently tried Chester's after I posted was just okay, pretty standard menu. Service was great and the restaurant itself is beautiful.

            Also another suggestion: Sushi Itto just opened. Amazing food! I ate lunch there before their grand opening and they were just working out some things with service, etc. The sushi is very fresh and the menu is full of unique items. Highly recommend it - if only for the food!

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              also went to chester's recently. had the rotisserie chicken as my coworker said it was good. it was tender and juicy (not breast though but i don't have a problem with dark meat). the sauce was a little salty for my taste. $10

              also had their banana cream pie which is bigger than it looks and it's not your typical pie (as in a slice). pretty good also. $7

              service and atmosphere was good. i was hoping for something non-standard on the menu (they have burgers etc) but overall not a bad experience. not my fav restaurant but wouldn't say no to going back.

              i want to try sushi itto!!

          2. There are a couple of recent threads.

            will be trying chester next week. hopefully will get to try prescotts soon.


            1. The above are all very good suggestions. To those I would add

              * 300 First. Yes, it's a stupid name. It's where Broadstreet used to be, recently renovated and with a new menu. Haven't been there personally, but I hear good things.

              * Jaspers.

              [PS Skip Victoria's, mentioned by someone, unless you like very Americanized Italian food.]