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Apr 24, 2002 08:24 PM

Cofffee with siphon

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Can anyone recommend restaurants that serve coffee with the Siphon method? Basically it's brewing coffee with a vacuum. The device has two glass globes and water is heated in the bottom globe and forced up into the grounds which sit in the top globe. The brew then descends back to the first globe. I've had coffee this way in Japan, Taiwan, and China. The result is a strong delicious relatively sediment-free brew. And watching the coffee brew is fun too! Like a chemistry experiment.

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  1. Too bad no one knows about siphon coffee--I miss it, too but don't know where to go, either.

    1. I know one can purchase coffee siphons either on-line or at Sur La Table. There they sell a stove-top Bodum Santos for reasonable price (about $40). And you can also purchase a spirit burner lamp if you want to do it tableside. I'm thinking of buying one of these and if I do, will let you all know how it works. Restaurants though? I don't know.

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          Thanks jgomer! Never knew this place existed. Reminds me of my time in Taiwan where I visited coffeehouses with vacuum brewing and teahouses in the northern mountains. A trip is imminent!

          BTW, Intelligentsia does not vacuum brew - it's too labor intensive and they are busy enough with the Clover and espresso.

        2. I can't be sure but I would check out both Intelligentsia in Silverlake and the soon to open Lamill Coffee in Silverlake. I'm absolutely sure at least one of them will/do use the siphon method.

          1. Cafe Balcony in West LA serves siphon coffee.