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Mar 19, 2008 11:28 AM

No Knead Pizza Dough

Hi... I had great success making the No Knead Pizza Dough from the No Knead Bread cookbook (used it for the week to make little pizza rolls, etc.). I made mine with whole wheat white flour and it turned out great. Question is do you thing the recipe would still work (i.e., altering any baking recipes always worries me as it may alter the science part of the recipe) if I added in some honey? Thanks for any tips...

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  1. I think the change you made with the whole wheat flour was probably more drastic than the honey. Several of their recipes have honey or sugar in various forms so it should be no problem, the recipe seems to be very flexible.

    1. Adding sweeteners (sugar, honey, etc) to bread dough slightly retards the development of gluten (the 'stretch') but on the other hand, it is often added to bread recipes as a 'snack' for the yeast, which need sugars (typically in the form of starch in flour) to survive.

      So unless you added a ridiculously large amount of honey, your recipe should still work, but you might have to adjust your timing or how much you work the dough (a bit of a misnomer with no knead bread, I know).

      I am not familiar with the recipe in question, but if I were you, I'd add a little honey to the dough whenever you add the salt (whether it's at the beginning or further on). I'd not put in more than a tablespoon on your first try. Then rather than relying on the exact times given by your recipe, I'd go by feel; when the dough has risen as much as it usually does without honey, go on to the next step. If anything, it can probably take a little longer proving since you've given the yeast more sugar, but it won't necessarily NEED more time. Useful if you're playing with a tight schedule. And if you are stretching or folding the dough in the bowl, feel free to give it an extra fold or stretch if the consistency isn't as stretchy as it usually is.

      Good luck. I'm sure it will turn out delicious.