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I'll be meeting California relatives in NYC this summer. They have requested "authentic" New York Italian. Is there somewhere between Times Square and Murray Hill that won't max out my Visa? A short cab ride is OK.

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  1. Presuming that by "authentic" your relatives mean traditional Italian...

    Campanile is a neighborhood gem, hidden away on 29th St., b/t Madison and Park Av. S. The food's well-prepared and delicious. Service is welcoming and capable. The space has a pleasant, old-fashioned feel with comfortable seating and a conversation-friendly noise level. Prices are moderate.


    In the Times Square area, Trattoria Trecolori is a favorite of mine and many other Hounds. Very tasty homestyle fare is served by a friendly, efficient staff in a space that has well-spaced tables and attractive contemporary ambiance.


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        Hi RGR - funny thing is I recommended Trecolori in the "Cravings" board to the same poster on the grounds that I considered it "authentic NYC Italian" (which the poster specified) as opposed to "authentic Italian Italian". YMMV, and all that. :)

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            It's that great minds thingy, Striver. :-)

        1. I also recommend Campanile because the food is excellent and the prices moderate, but I found another Italian place, though it is a bit outside the area you asked for, that I liked very much. It is called Nino's of Tuscany and is on 58th street around 6th or 7th avenue. There is a pianist called Irving Fields, he is 93 years old, and he plays there 6 nights a week. The food is not too expensive and it is a very nice restaurant. The service is excellent. It is not wanna be actors and actresses that work there:)

          1. Yes, there are several responses to this presumably double request on the Cravings board, and though they were worded only slightly differently, I did get different impressions as to what the OP was looking for. I suggest those responses either be moved to to this thread, or both threads be maintained as separate topics.

            1. All time best Chicken Parm in the city = Bello Restaurant on 9th Ave @ 56th ST.